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Medieval Heresy: Popular Movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-631-22276-7
504 pages
August 2002, Wiley-Blackwell
Medieval Heresy: Popular Movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation, 3rd Edition (0631222766) cover image
For the third edition, this comprehensive history of the great heretical movements of the Middle Ages has been updated to take account of recent research in the field.
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Part I: The Beginnings.

1. The Problem with Heresy.

2. The Revival of Heresy in the West: The Eleventh Century.

Part II: The Twelfth Century.

3. Orthodox Reform and Heresy.

4. Heretical Preachers and the Rise of Catharism.

5. The Waldensians and the Deepening Crisis.

Part III: Heresy and the Church.

6. The Counter-Attack: Innocent III to Innocent IV.

7. The Cathars.

8. The Waldensians After the Conference of Bergamo.

9. Tension and Insecurity: Gregory X to John XXII.

10. Inquisition and Abuse.

11. Spiritual Franciscans and Heretical Joachimites.

Part IV: Evangelical Heresy in the Late Middle Ages.

12. Church and Society: Benedict XII to Eugenius IV.

13. John Wycliff.

14. The English Lollards.

15. The Bohemian Reform Movement.

16. Politics and Hussitism, 1409-1419.

17. Success and Failure: From the Defenestration to the Agreement at Jihlava.

18. The Unitas Fratum and the Development of Confessions.

19. Medieval Heresy and the Reformation.

20. Heresy and Reform.

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Malcolm Lambert was Reader in Medieval History at the University of Bristol until 1991 when he retired to devote himself to writing and research. His previous books are Franciscan Poverty (1961, reissued 1998) and The Cathars (paperback edition, 1998). He is now working on a history of the Conversion of Britain.
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  • New edition of this highly successful history of heretical movements.

  • Adds comment and summary on new work on the eleventh-century emergence of heresy.

  • Remodels parts of the chapters on the Cathars, the Waldensians after 1218, and the Lollards.

  • Updates the suggestions for introductory and further reading.
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