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Reading Digital Culture

David Trend (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-22302-3
384 pages
February 2001, Wiley-Blackwell
Reading Digital Culture (0631223029) cover image
Computer technology has transformed many fundamental parts of life: how we work and play, how we communicate and consume, how we create knowledge and learn, even how we understand politics and participate in public life. Reading Digital Culture is a comprehensive collection of the most influential essays on digital media written in recent years.
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Part I: The Machine in the Garden.

Part II: Knowledge and Communication in a Digital Age.

Part III: Living in the Immaterial World.

Part IV: Performing Identity in Cyberspace.

Part V: Searching for Community Online.

Part VI: Reading Digital Culture.

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David Trend is Director of the University of California's Institute for Research on the Arts, which funds projects through the ten-campus University of California system. He is also Chair of Studio Art at the University of California, Irvine. Former long-time editor of The Socialist Review, Trend is author or editor of a number of books, including Radical Democracy: Identity, Citizenship and the State (1996).
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  • Brings together some of the most provocative commentators on digital culture.

  • Presents both classic essays on digital cultures as well as more recent, cutting-edge articles.

  • Includes a wider and more far-reaching selection of topics than any other volume on the subject.
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"Reading Digital Culture reminds its readers that technology cannot be analyzed outside of the realms of power, politics, the social, and democracy. This is a breakthrough book for anyone who wants to understand and critically engage, rather than merely praise, those pedagogical, technological, and communicative forces that are shaping the twenty-first century. A must read." Henry Giroux, Pennsylvania State University.

"This is an absorbing and fascinating anthology that is sure to become a classic. It should be required reading for anyone hopeful of understanding, at a deep and profound level, the essences of contemporary digital thought from its leading thinkers. This compilation provokes fresh insights that make it a major contribution to the field." Lynn Hershman, University of California, Davis.

"Anyone teaching classes in subjects that intersect with digital culture will be grateful to Trend for this compilation. It contains many classic texts essential for those pursuing digital art production or critique of our technological world. Reading these texts will help raise awareness that creative work with digital media generates many issues and responsibilities." Victoria Vesna, University of California, Los Angeles.

"This collection of some 35 essays and excerpts, edited by David Trend, comprises significant writings on digital culture. The material is an important resource for cultural studies. Trend's selection and structuring along with his introductory notes for each section make this a valuable and unique assemblage." Times Higher Education Supplement

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