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Move! A Minimalist Theory of Construal

ISBN: 978-0-631-22361-0
260 pages
December 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
Move! A Minimalist Theory of Construal (0631223614) cover image


Move! A Minimalist Theory of Construal provides an accessible, in-depth and empirically oriented look at Chomsky's Minimalist Program.
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Table of Contents


1. The Minimalist Program.

2. Movement and Control.

3. Adjunct Control and Parasitic Gaps.

4. Attract and Sidewards Movement.

5. Is the Binding Theory Necessary?.

6. Case, C-command and Modularity.


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Author Information

Norbert Hornstein is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research and teaching include both natural language semantics and syntactic theory. He is series editor of the Blackwell/Maryland Lectures in Language and Cognition, and his other publications include: Logical Form: From GB to Minimalism (Blackwell, 1995); Verb Movement (edited, with David Lightfoot, 1994); As Time Goes By: Tense and Universal Grammar (1990); and Logic as Grammar: An Approach to Meaning in Natural Language (1984).
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The Wiley Advantage

Unifies various areas of inquiry under one theoretical approach.

Incorporates greater empirical range than other work in this research paradigm.

Provides successful explanation of the Minimalist Program.

Guides readers through several long-standing puzzles in syntactic theory.
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"The book you are about to read is radical. It has the immodest and ambitious goal of eliminating construal processes from Universal Grammar. Control, anaphora, and pronominalization are all treated as by-products of movement. This book delivers the goods." Joseph Aoun, University of Southern California
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