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Europe and Islam

ISBN: 978-0-631-22637-6
252 pages
July 2001, ©2001, Wiley-Blackwell
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In this book Franco Cardini examines the ideas, prejudices, disinformation and anti-information that have formed and coloured Europe's attitude towards Islam over 1500 years.
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Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface.


1. A Prophet and Three Continents.

2. Between Two Millennia.

3. Europe's Response - The 'Reconquista' and Naval Exploits.

4. The Role of the Holy City.

5. Conflict and Encounters in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.

6. The Treasure of the Pharaoh.

7. The Lords of Fear.

8. 'Inimicus Crucis, Inimicus Europae'.

9. Renaissance Europe and the Turks.

10. Sultans, Pirates and Renegades.

11. The Age of Iron and the Enlightenment.

12. From the 'Sickness' of the Ottoman Empire to the Third Wave of Islam.


Bibliographical Note.


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Author Information

Franco Cardini is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Florence. he previously taught at the universities of Florence and Bari as well as in Paris, Gottingen, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Turku, Boston, Burlington, Sao Paulo, Jerusalem and Damascus. His publications include Gerusalemme d'oro di rame di luce (1992), Studio sulla storia e sull'idea di crociata (1993), Medioevo al femminile (with F. Bertini, M. T. Fumagalli Beonio Brocchiri and C. Leonardi, 1992). He also edited Constanza la strega di San Miniato (1989).
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Historical coverage of a topical which remains central to European politics and society today.

  • Ranges across 1500 years of European history.

  • Discusses the present situation and looks to the future.
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"This volume covers much ground: Western (mis)understandings of Islam, efforts to refute Islam, and latterly, to study it more objectively. Lucid and subtle ... recommended for undergraduates and above." Choice <!--end-->

"Europe and Islam is one of the titles in Blackwell's fine series the Making of Europe ... this is one of the rare treatments covering the expanse of 1,400 years of Islamic history in a single volume ... a worthy introduction to the topic of contacts between the Western world and Muslims." History: Reviews of New Books

"Europe and Islam is an interesting, readable text. It is perfect for university seminars in that it provides an overview of the history of the Christian-Muslim encounters and is sure to generate discussion and debate. And specialists will want to have a copy on their bookshelves as a reference..." Islam and Christian-Muslim relations

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