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The Uralic Language Family: Facts, Myths and Statistics

ISBN: 978-0-631-23170-7
360 pages
June 2002, Wiley-Blackwell
The Uralic Language Family: Facts, Myths and Statistics (0631231706) cover image


In this detailed survey of Finnish, Hungarian, Lapp and the other Uralic Languages, Angela Marcantonio shows there is in fact no scientific evidence to support the belief that they form a genetic family. If this approach is accepted, this detailed analysis will have far-reaching consequences for other assumed language families.
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Table of Contents


List of Tables.

List of Figures.


Grammatical Abbreviations.

Abbreviations of Mjor Journals and Dictionaries.

Transcription and References.

1. Introduction.

2. The Historical Foundation of the Uralic Paradigm.

3. Modern Interpretations of the Uralic Paradigm.

4. Reconstructing the Sound Structure and Lexicon of the Uralic Family tree.

5. False Matches or Genuine Linguistic Correlations?.

6. Borrowed or Inherited?.

7.The Antiquity of Proto-Uralic.

8. Morphology.

9. Completing the Picture: Proper Names, Archaeology and Genetics.

10. Summary and Conclusion.






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Author Information

Angela Marcantonio is lecturer in General Linguistics specialising in Uralic studies, at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Essential for specialists in Uralic studies, because it calls into question the entire field of study

  • Of interest to specialists in Altaic studies, because of its intimate connection to Uralic studies

  • Contributes to the issue of methodology in historical linguistics

  • Of interest to historians and lay people interested in their roots in Finland, Estonia and Hungary

  • Accessible, and of interest, to students studying general linguistics and Uralic languages
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"The Handbook of contemporary syntactic theology is an outstanding reference book and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in theoretical syntax." Journal of Linguistics
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