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Bacterial Diseases of Fish

Valerie Inglis (Editor), Ronald J. Roberts (Editor), Niall R. Bromage (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-632-03497-0
336 pages
April 1993, Wiley-Blackwell
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Bacterial diseases are among the most important causes of losses among fish stocks. A full understanding of the aetiological agent, the pathogenesis, biochemistry, antigenicity, epizootiology and the inter-relationship of stress-related and environmental factors is essential for successful management and control. This book, which has been written as a standard text for students of aquaculture, veterinarians and microbiologists, brings these aspects together and reflects current international practices and incidence.
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Table of Contents


Part 1: Cytophagaceae: Bacterial cold water disease;.

Columnaris disease;.

Bacterial gill disease: fin rot;.

Part 2: Enterobacteriaceae:.

Edwardsiella septicaemia;.

Enteric redmouth (ERM): Proteus and serratia infections;.

Part 3: Vibrionaceae:: Vibriosis;.


Motile aeromonad septicaemia;.

Part 4: Pasteurellaceae: Pasteurellosis;.

Part 5: Pseudomonadaceae:Pseudomonas: Alteromonas infections;.

Part 6: Gram-positive Fish Pathogens: Bacterial kidney disease (BKD);.

Streptococcal infections;.

Clostridial infections;.

Part 7: Acid-fast Fish Pathogens: Mycobacteriosis:nocardiosis;.

Part 8: Rickettsias and Chlamydias: Epitheliocystis: salmonid rickettsial septicaemia;.

Part 9: Practice of Fish Bacteriology: Isolation and identification of fish bacterial pathogens;.

Public health aspects

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The Wiley Advantage

Economic importance of bacterial diseases Written as the standard text Ideal reference for fisheries scientists who need to know more about bacterial agents of disease in relation to management and production of fish stocks Comprehensive and international The first textbook to deal with all subject areas relating to the bacterial diseases of fish Thirty-six colour plates
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