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Applied Farm Management, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-632-03603-5
404 pages
August 1998, Wiley-Blackwell
Applied Farm Management, 2nd Edition (0632036036) cover image


As in the first edition, theory and practice are brought together in economies, finance, farm management and marketing in a way which highlights the interrelationships between them. The applied aspects, together with the coverage of marketing and the worked examples make the text uniquely important.
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Table of Contents


1. Farm management.

2. Records and accounts.

3. Gross margin analysis.

4. Comparative analysis.

5. Balance sheet analysis.

6. Enterprise studies.

7. Planning Profitability.

8. Planning: cash flow.

9. Planning; capital investment appraisal.

10. Planning: labour and machinery.

11. Sources of Finanace.

12. Taxation.

13. Marketing.

14. The European Union (EU).

15. Agricultural marketing organisation.

16. Grain marketing.

17.  Livestock marketing.



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The Wiley Advantage

* textbook which links theory and practice * stresses the practicalities, including marketing and finance * experience of authors in finance and agriculture * useful for all agricultural students * under today's tough conditions, only well-managed farms have a future * farmers must be good businessmen who understand finance, taxation, marketing and good commercial practices
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