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What Should We Do About Animal Welfare?

ISBN: 978-0-632-05066-6
204 pages
October 1999, Wiley-Blackwell
What Should We Do About Animal Welfare? (0632050667) cover image
Animal welfare is an issue that concerns us all. Recent advances in scientific understanding of welfare and proposals for ways of keeping animals have not fully reached the public domain. This book takes an informative approach aimed at raising the level of public debate and emphasising even though decisions are complex and compromise may sometimes be necessary, action can and should be taken now to improve animal welfare. Michael Appleby has been awarded the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare (UFAW) Hulme Fellowship to write this book.
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Chapter 1 Noah's New Ark: Why should we do anything?

Chapter 2 Humans, animals and machines: Understanding animal welfare.

Chapter 3 One big happy family: Differences between animals.

Chapter 4 To have and to hold: Keeping and killing animals.

Chapter 5 Made in our image: Selection and modification of animals.

Chapter 6 Home is where the heart is: Housing and environments.

Chapter 7 Give and take: Animal treatment.

Chapter 8 Buying power: Individual action.

Chapter 9 Votes and lobbies: Action by society.

Appendix Some Useful Addresses.


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* a rational examination of the politics and economics of animal welfare
* builds on the scientific and philosophical work done to date
* written with the non-welfare specialist in mind
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"The earnest tone, completeness of the spectrum of animal uses discussed, and the simplicity and clarity of the prose and drawings all make this volume a good one to recommend to people who work with animals and need a quick primer in welfare. And readers who often encounter such animal workers might want to get a few extra copies to hand out."

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

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