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Value Management of Construction Projects

ISBN: 978-0-632-05143-4
380 pages
February 2004, Wiley-Blackwell
Value Management of Construction Projects (0632051434) cover image
This book presents an integrated value philosophy, methodology and tool kit for improving project delivery for clients, based on best practice. It combines the theory and practice of value management and is written in such a way that the theory, methodology, workshop styles, tools and techniques can be read independently if the reader wishes.
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Preface; Introduction; Definition; Developments in value management; Developments in UK construction; Developments in value management practice; The aims and objectives of this book; References; Part I Method and Practice; Developments in Value Thinking; Introduction; Background; The global development of value management; Value engineering and value management: an overview of terminology and definitions; The international benchmarking study of value management; Conclusion; References; Function Analysis; Introduction; Strategic function analysis: the mission of the projects; Strategies, programmes and projects; Function diagramming; Kaufman’s FAST diagramming; Functional space diagramming; Elemental cost planning and elemental cost control; Element function analysis; Element function debated; Conclusion; References; Bibliography; Index
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John Kelly is AWG Professor of Construction Innovation, School of the Built and Natural Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Steven Male is the Balfour Beatty Professor of Building Engineering and Construction Management, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds.

Drummond Graham is Chairman of Thomson Bethune, Chartered Surveyors, Edinburgh.

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* value management evaluates alternative construction materials and systems to save money without major effect on programme or appearance
* increasing interest in the subject as clients seek cost savings and improved value for money
* growth of subject at undergraduate and postgraduate level
* combines theory and practice
* well known authors
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'An excellent reference book ... the practical experience of the authors is apparent as are their academic credentials'

Building Engineer September 2004.

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