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Diagnostic Ultrasound in Small Animal Practice

Paddy Mannion (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-632-05387-2
344 pages
June 2006, Wiley-Blackwell
Diagnostic Ultrasound in Small Animal Practice (0632053879) cover image


This new version of Frances Barr’s classic introductory text, Diagnostic Ultrasound in the Dog and Cat, has now been revised and expanded to cover the considerable technological and knowledge based advances since the first book was published in 1990. With contributions from leading subject experts, this new book covers both the theoretical principles behind the use of ultrasound in small animal practice and the practical approach to image interpretation.

In-keeping with the user-friendly style of Frances Barr’s book, the book is extensively illustrated with photographs and accompanying line drawings. Organised around body systems, each chapter covers imaging procedures, normal appearances, abnormal appearances/diseases and specific conditions. Exotic animals, such as rabbits and reptiles are also included, as are new Doppler techniques.

This practical guide is essential reading for all those involved in small animal imaging.

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Table of Contents



1 Principles of Diagnostic Ultrasound – Paddy Mannion.

2 Ultrasound Artefacts – Johann Lang.

3 Indications and Technique – Paddy Mannion.

4 Imaging of the General Abdomen – Johann Lang.

5 The Liver and Spleen – Paddy Mannion.

6 Gastro-intestinal Tract including Pancreas – Mairi Frame.

7 Urinary Tract – Johann Lang.

8 Imaging of the Reproductive Tract – Alison Dickie.

9 Non-Cardiac Thoracic Ultrasound – Paddy Mannion.

10 Imaging the Heart – Johann Lang.

11 Doppler Ultrasound – Johann Lang.

12 Imaging of the Neck – Alison Dickie.

13 Imaging of the Muscoskeletal System – Alison Dickie.

14 Imaging of the Eye and the Orbit-Val Schmid.

15 Ultrasound of Exotic Species – Sharon Redrobe.




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Author Information

Paddy Mannion works at Cambridge Radiology Referrals, UK.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Based on Frances Barr's bestselling book Diagnostic Ultrasound in the Dog and Cat, this is a practical introduction to the clinical use of diagnostic ultrasound in small animals;
  • Sections on exotic species such as guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and birds as well as dogs and cats;
  • Includes detailed information on the physics of ultrasound and its practical application to the control of the ultrasound machine.
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"Diagnostic Ultrasound in Small Animal Practice is an amazing reference book which would be excellent as a course text in ultrasonography for the small animal practitioner." (Alnmag.com, 14 April 2011)
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