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Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests

David V. Alford (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-632-05427-5
368 pages
May 2003, Wiley-Blackwell
Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests (0632054271) cover image


Oilseed rape, a major crop in many parts of the world, is attacked by a wide range of insect pests, many of which are of considerable economic importance. With the increasing demand to reduce agrochemical inputs on arable crops, the Commission of the European Communities supported a three-year programme in which scientific participants reviewed the natural enemies of oilseed rape insect pests. The various outputs from this important work form the basis of this comprehensive new book.

Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests commences with a review of the oilseed rape crop, followed by chapters on pests, pest management strategies and parasitoids of specific pests or groups of pests. Detailed information is also included on sampling, trapping and rearing pests, their parasitoids and predators; the identification of hymenopterous parasitoids; pathogens of oilseed rape pests, predators, predator taxonomy and identification, and the impact of on-farm landscape structures and systems on predators.

This book is an essential purchase for all those involved with oilseed rape and for anyone with an interest in agricultural biocontrol strategies. It is also essential reading and an invaluable source of reference for agricultural scientists, entomologists, crop protection specialists, advisers and consultants. All agrochemical companies should have multiple copies of this book on their shelves, as should all libraries in universities and research establishments where biological and agricultural sciences are studied and taught.

Dr David V. Alford, based in Cambridge, UK, has many years of experience working as a government entomologist.

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Table of Contents


1. The Oilseed Rape Crop.

2. Insect Pests of Oilseed Rape Crops.

3. Management of Oilseed Rape Pests.

4. Parasitoids of Pollen Beetles.

5. Parasitoids of Ceutorhynchid Stem Weevils.

6. Parasitoids of Cabbage Seed Weevil.

7. Parasitoids of Brassica Pod Midge.

8. Parasitoids of Flea Beetles.

9. Parasitoids of Miscellaneous Pests.

10. Sampling, Trapping and Rearing Oilseed Rape Pests and their Parasitoids.

11. Identification of Hymenopterous Parasitoids Associated with Oilseed Rape Pests.

12. Predators of Oilseed Rape Pests.

13. Taxonomy and Identification of Predators.

14. Sampling, Trapping and Rearing of Predators.

15. Impact of On-Farm Landscape Structures and Farming Systems on Predators.

16. Predators as Biocontrol Agents of Oilseed Rape Pests.

17. Pathogens of Oilseed Rape Pests.


Author Index.

General Index.

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Author Information

Dr David V. Alford, based in Cambridge, UK, has many years of experience working as a government entomologist.
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* vital information on Integrated Oest Management (IPM) and biocontrol of pests
* internationally known contributors and Editor
* covers important case studies
* Uses the crop Oilseed Rape to discuss the uses of biological methods of control on pests
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