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Weed Management Handbook, 9th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-632-05732-0
432 pages
October 2002, Wiley-Blackwell
Weed Management Handbook, 9th Edition (0632057327) cover image
Weed Management Handbook updates the 8th edition of Weed Control Handbook (1990). The change in the title and contents of the book from previous editions reflects both the current emphasis on producing crops in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner, and the new weed management challenges presenting themselves.

This landmark publication contains cutting edge chapters, each written by acknowledged experts in their fields and carefully drawn together and edited by Professor Robert Naylor, known and respected world-wide for his knowledge of the area. The sequence of chapters included reflects a progression from the biology of weeds, through the underpinning science and technology relating to weed management techniques including herbicides and their application to crops, leading to principles of weed management techniques. Finally a set of relevant case studies describes the main management options available and addresses the challenges of reduced chemical options in many crops.

Weed Management Handbook is a vital tool for all those involved in the crop protection / agrochemical industry, including business managers, horticultural and agricultural scientists, plant physiologists, botanists and those studying and teaching BASIS courses. As an important reference guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying horticultural and agricultural sciences, plant physiology, botany and crop protection, copies of the book should be available on the shelves of all research establishments and universities where these subjects are studied and taught.

Weed Management Handbook is published for the British Crop Protection Council (BCPC) by Blackwell Publishing.

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1 What is a Weed? (Robert E.L. Naylor and Peter J. Lutman).

2 Weed Competition (R.J. Froud-Williams).

3 What is the Weed Seed Bank? (Andrea C. Grundy and Naomi E. Jones).

4 Weed Population Dynamics (Robert E.L. Naylor).

5 Weeds and Biodiversity (E.J.P. Marshall).

6 Herbicide Discovery (Leonard G. Copping).

7 Herbicide Legislation and Regulation (D.J. Flynn).

8 Herbicides: Modes of Action and Metabolism (John P.H. Reade and A.H. Cobb).

9 Herbicide Formulation and Delivery (Duncan Webb).

10 Methodology of Application (T.H. Robinson).

11 Herbicide-Resistant Weeds (Stephen R. Moss).

12 Herbicide-Tolerant Crops (Ralph C. Kirkwood).

13 Non-chemical Weed Management (W. Bond).

14 Integrated Weed Management (Robert E.L. Naylor and Caroline Drummond).

15 Developing Decision-Support Systems to Improve Weed Management (James Clarke).

16 Optimising Herbicide Performance (Per Kudsk).

17 Biological Control of Weeds (M.P. Greaves).

18 Weed Management Strategies for Winter Cereals (James Clarke).

19 Weed Control in other Arable and Field Vegetable Crops (C.M. Knotf).

20 Management of Aquatic Weeds (Jonathan R. Newman).

21 Where is Weed Management Going? (Robert E.L. Naylor).


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Professor Robert E.L. Naylor is a consultant in agriculture, environment and crop protection, based in Banchory, Ecotland, UK.
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* Completely revised and updated
* Provides comprehensive details of weed management techniques
* The definitive reference book in the area
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