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Feeding and Care of the Horse, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-683-04967-1
400 pages
October 1996, Wiley-Blackwell
Feeding and Care of the Horse, 2nd Edition (0683049674) cover image


This is the concise, easy-to-use version of Dr. Lewis's Equine Clinical Nutrition, Feeding and Care. It includes a full-color section identifying toxic plants and provides practical information on the diversified effects of different nutrients, feeds and supplements on a horse's athletic performance, reproduction, growth, hooves, appetite, behavior and disease. The book can help prevent common, but expensive problems in horses of all ages.
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Table of Contents

Section I: Nutrition and Feeds for Horses.

Water, Energy, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats for Horses.

Minerals for Horses.

Vitamins for Horses.

Harvested Feeds for Horses.

Pasture for Horses.

Diet Evaluation, Formulation, and Preparation for Horses.

Minimizing Horse Feeding Costs.

Section II: Feeding and Care of Horses.

General Horse Feeding Practices.

Feeding Idle and Working Horses.

Feeding and Care of Horses for Athletic Performance.

Breeding Stallion Feeding and Care.

Broodmare Feeding and Care.

Mare and Foal Care at Foaling.

Growing Horse Feeding and Care.

Developmental Orthopedic Diseases in Horses.

Feeding and Care of Horse By: Anthony P. Knight, BVSc, MS, MRCVS, Dipl ACVIM.

Feed-Related Poisonings of Horses.

Behavioral Problems in Horses.


Appendix Tables: Equine Nutritional Requirement Tables.

Table 1. Dietary Energy, Protein, Calcium, and Phosphorus Recommended in Horse’s Diet and Amount of Feed Consumed.

Table 2. Mineral Concentrations Recommended in Horse’s Diet Compared to that in Feeds.

Table 3. Vitamin Concentrations Recommended in Horse’s Diet Compared to that in Feeds.

Table 4. Daily Energy, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin A Recommended for Horses.

Table 5. Energy Needs for Physical Activity.

Feed Tables.

Table 6. Nutrient Content of Horse Feeds.

Table 7. Mineral Supplements Composition.

Table 8. Feeds – Weight/Unit Volume.

Conversion Tables.

Table 9. Conversion Factors.

Table 10. Symbols, Weight, and Valences of Common Elements.


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Author Information

Lon Lewis, DVM, PhD
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