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Local & Regional Anaesthesia

ISBN: 978-0-7279-1480-4
180 pages
November 2000, BMJ Books
Local & Regional Anaesthesia (0727914804) cover image


This book presents the most important aspects of modern clinical use of local anaesthetic drugs and of local and regional anaesthetic techniques. Special attention is paid to safety, i.e., toxicity features which are covered in sufficient detail for the practitioner to use these techniques safely.
Controversies depending on technical differences in the applied techniques, as well as on differences in local anaesthetic solutions, are discussed, providing a useful overview of the specialty worldwide.
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Table of Contents

Clinical pharmacology of local anaesthetics.

Toxicity of local anaesthetics associated with nerve blocks.

Common local anesthetic blocks.

Intravenous regional anaethesia.

Modern technical aspects of regional anaesthesia.

Local anaesthesia in ambulatory surgery.

Epidural and spinal anaesthesia in obstetrics - current status.

Controversies in clinical practice of regional anaesthesia.

Complications of local and regional anaesthesia

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The Wiley Advantage

- Contains the most recent knowledge of the clinical use of local anaesthetics and equipment essential for their administration
- Discusses the most important controversies in clinical regional anaesthesia
- Contains recommendations for the safe use of local anaesthetics
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