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Labour Ward Rules

ISBN: 978-0-7279-1635-8
156 pages
October 2001, BMJ Books
Labour Ward Rules (0727916351) cover image


This book provides a practical set of rules to guide and help trainee obstetricians and midwives to understand the concepts of labour ward management, treatments, and prevention of complications. Labour ward management is a vital tool in learning to secure safe outcomes for both mothers and babies.
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Table of Contents


Stages of Labour.

Fetal Monitoring.

Induction of Labour.

Operative Deliveries.

Complex Deliveries.

- Breech Deliveries.

- Twin Deliveries.

- Shoulder Dystocia.

- Preterm Deliveries.

Obstetric Haemorrhage and Shock.



Postnatal Problems.


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The Wiley Advantage

A conceptual approach to the basic principals of safe Labour Ward Management
Simple rules based on evidence and years of experience, many not found in a standard obstetric text book.
A practical and useful aid to guide trainees in intra and post-partum care.
In similar proven successful format as Trauma Rules and Resuscitation Rules.
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