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Diffusion of Innovations in Health Service Organisations: A Systematic Literature Review

ISBN: 978-0-7279-1869-7
328 pages
March 2007, BMJ Books
Diffusion of Innovations in Health Service Organisations: A Systematic Literature Review (0727918699) cover image


This is a systematic review on how innovations in health service practice and organisation can be disseminated and implemented. This is an academic text, originally commissioned by the Department of Health from University College London and University of Surrey, using a variety of research methods. The results of the review are discussed in detail in separate chapters covering particular innovations and the relevant contexts. The book is intended as a resource for health care researchers and academics.
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Table of Contents

Summary overview.

Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 Method.

Chapter 3 Research Traditions.

Chapter 4 Innovations.

Chapter 5 Adopters and Adoption.

Chapter 6 Diffusion and Dissemination.

Chapter 7 The Inner Context.

Chapter 8 The Outer Context.

Chapter 9 Implementation and Institutionalization.

Chapter 10 Case Studies.

Chapter 11 Discussion.

Appendix 1 Data Extraction Form.

Appendix 2 Quality Checklists.

Appendix 3 Descriptive Statistics on Included Studies.

Appendix 4 Tables of Included Studies

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Author Information

Trisha Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Health Care, University College London, UK
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The Wiley Advantage

Highly regarded systematic review on health care implementation

  • Based on research funded by the Department of Health Service and Delivery Organisation programme

  • Provides a model for understanding the complexities of spreading and sustaining innovations in health services

  • Uses case studies to demonstrate practical applications

  • Will be automatically promoted via Department of Health glossy
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‘This book is a towering work of remarkable scholarship. It bathes in light what was previously a shadowland of opacity, misconception, theory-hopping and misplaced enthusiasm.’

Sir Liam Donaldson
Chief Medical Officer

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