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Think One Team: An Inspiring Fable and Practical Guide for Managers, Employees and Jelly Bean Lovers

ISBN: 978-0-7314-0788-0
160 pages
June 2009, Wrightbooks
Think One Team: An Inspiring Fable and Practical Guide for Managers, Employees and Jelly Bean Lovers (0731407881) cover image


Every day around the world, thousands of organisations irritate customers, frustrate employees and lose countless opportunities because of one simple reason: they don’t think and act as one team. Sound familiar?

Sydney, Australia. At O’Donnell’s Jelly Bean Company, life isn’t so sweet. Between communication breakdown, staff turnover and the dreaded ‘silo’ syndrome, morale is at an all-time low and the company’s outlook is grim. How will the staff at O’Donnell’s overcome these hurdles to unite and save the company?

In Think One Team, Graham Winter weaves a fun and engaging business fable into a practical model that unlocks the power of teamwork across boundaries, empowering organisations to realise the possibilities that come from thinking and acting as one team.

This book will inspire and guide you and your colleagues to:

  • share the big picture not pursue separate agendas
  • share the reality not avoid and deny
  • share the air not stifle communication
  • share the load not protect your own turf
  • share the wins and losses not play I win, you lose.

An enjoyable tale of jelly beans and a company overcoming crisis, Think One Team is a must-read for anyone who wants his or her organisation to perform at its highest level.

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Table of Contents

About the author.



The story of the big jelly bean team.

1 Real conversations.

2 Values

3 The one team question.

4 Quick wins.

5 Untied leadership.

6 Sharing the big picture.

7 A focus on partnering.

8 Inspiration.

9 A passion for teamwork across boundaries.

The think one team™ model.

The foundation.

United leadership.

Understanding the five practices.

Think one team™ program.


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Author Information

Graham Winter is a psychologist and business consultant who designs high-performance leadership programs. A three-time Australian Olympic team chief psychologist, Graham is passionate about organisations thinking and acting as one team. He lives in Adelaide with his wife and two sons.

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Related Websites / Extra

http://www.thinkoneteam.com For more information about think one team
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Press Release

January 15, 2010
think one team

Authored by former PwC Consultant and Australian Olympic Team Chief Psychologist, Graham Winter, Think One Team has been a runaway success in Australia – drawing comparisons with Fish and Five Dysfunctions of a Team as a book that ticks all the boxes:


þ  Fun to read

þ  Practical and relevant topic

þ  Easy to apply…from CEO to frontline staff

þ  Supported by a highly regarded business improvement framework


Many global and US companies seeking breakthrough performance are using the Think One Team book and development framework to strengthen teamwork and partnering across corporate boundaries.

To meet this rapidly growing need, PPS International Limited recently hosted a certification event in New York City, conducted by Graham Winter. At the event, experienced facilitators from across the country were coached and received certification to implement the think one team™ framework for clients who are interested in building strong team accountability and results.

thinkoneteam is both a book and a proven business improvement solution.  Set in the most unlikely of places – a fictional jelly bean factory – you’ll enjoy a laugh as you meet all-too-familiar characters pursuing agendas, denying reality and protecting their own turf.

Where thinkoneteam really wins is that it doesn’t just parody the corporate world. It offers the reader a simple and successfully tested model for how to realize the potential of better teamwork and partnering across the boundaries between divisions, departments, sites and teams. That potential is enormous – especially when you consider how many initiatives under-perform because of failed teamwork across boundaries.

As one senior facilitator at PPS International Limited pointed out, “U.S. companies who are facing these challenging business situations will find practical and relevant resources when they work within this framework.

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