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Handbook to IEEE Standard 45: A Guide to Electrical Installations on Shipboard

ISBN: 978-0-7381-4101-5
394 pages
August 2004
Handbook to IEEE Standard 45: A Guide to Electrical Installations on Shipboard (0738141011) cover image


IEEE 45™-2002 is an excellent standard, which is widely used for selecting shipboard electrical and electronic system equipment and its installation. The standard is a living document often interpreted differently by different users. Handbook to IEEE Standard 45™: A Guide to Electrical Installations on Shipboard provides a detailed background of the changes in IEEE Std 45-2002 and the reasoning behind the changes as well as explanation and adoption of other national and international standards. It contains the complete text of IEEE 45™-2002 relevant clauses, along with explanatory commentary consisting of: - Recommendation intent and interpretation - Historical perspective - Application - Supporting illustrations, drawings and tables This Handbook provides necessary technical details in a simplified form to enhance understanding of the requirements for technical and non-technical people in the maritime industry.
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Table of Contents

1 Overview 1

2 Ship service and propulsion generator (SWBS 235) 7

3 Emergency power generation and distribution-shipboard (SWBS 310) 17

4 Shipboard electrical system power quality 25

5 Power system electrical one-line diagram-shipboard 37

6 Electrical system load analysis-shipboard 53

7 Voltage drop calculations -shipboard electrical system 77

8 Short-circuit analysis-shipboard electrical power system 81

9 Switchboards- shipboard electrical power system (SWBS 324) 97

10 Motor and motor controller - shipboard (SWBS 302) 115

11 Electrical power distribution and protection system-shipboard (SWBS 320) 133

12 Grounding system-shipboard electrical distribution (SWBS 320) 151

13 Electric propulsion system-shipboard (SWBS 235) 163

14 Electrical system redundancy requirement-shipboard 177

15 Electric propulsion drive system - Shipboard (SWBS 235) 191

16 Electric propulsion motor - shipboard (SWBS 235) 203

17 Transformer-Chipboard (SWBS 314) 211

18 Marine electrical cable (SWBS 304) 225

19 Shipboard Control, automation, and Power Management System (PMS)-(SWBS 202) 249

20 Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) - ABS and USCG (Ship Design) 263

21 Steering and maneuvering system-shipboard (SWBS 561) 281

22 Shipboard interior communication systems-(SWBS 432-433) 293

23 Shipboard exterior communications (SWBS-440) 297

24 Shipboard navigation system (SWBS426) 299

25 Shipboard miscellaneous electrical alarm, safety, and warning systems (SWBS 436) 303

26 Shipboard UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) 305

Appendices 311

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Author Information

Mohammed M. Islam (Moni) is R&D Supervisor of Applied Science at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems. He has thirty-four years of diversified shipboard electrical engineering experience and has played significant roles in every part of new shipbuilding and ship modernization engineering. Mr. Islam also currently serves as the IEEE-45 central committee Vice-Chair and is a member of the IEEE 1580 working group. He has been involved in the "All Electric Ship" R&D programs for many years and was the principal investigator of the Ship Smart-System Design (S3D) feasibility study, an ONR funded research and development project. He received his Bachelor of Marine Engineering Technology from the Merchant Marine Academy of Bangladesh in 1969, and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree with Honors from the State University of New York, Fort Schuyler Maritime College, in 1975.
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