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Western State Terrorism

ISBN: 978-0-7456-0931-7
272 pages
August 1991, Polity
Western State Terrorism (0745609317) cover image


Western State Terrorism examines the political uses to shich the U.S. and its allies have put the terrorism perpetrated by their official enemies-often small scale terrorism compared to that sponsored by the West. The contributors to this study place such retail terrorism in the context of U.S. supported wholesale violence and offer an analysis fo the ideological goals that have been served by mainstream discussions of terrorism. This timely and controversial study radically questions current ideas and definitions of terrorism.
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"This volume succeeds in de-mystifying the literature on terrorism. The essays and case studies provide an insightful critique of writers who focus exclusively on non-state, non-Western terrorism ... this is a book that should be included in all discussions purporting to deal with contemporary international politics and U.S. foreign policy--as a positive antidote to uncritical celebration of Western success stories."
--James Petras, State University of New York, Binghamton
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