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Fractured Identities: Changing Patterns of Inequality

ISBN: 978-0-7456-1084-9
256 pages
January 1996, Polity
Fractured Identities: Changing Patterns of Inequality (0745610846) cover image


This is a comprehensive introduction to past and current theories of stratification and inequality, covering work on class, gender, race and age.
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Table of Contents

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1. Inequality, fragmentation and identity.

2. Capitalism, modernity and change.

3. Class: beyond Marx?.

4. Gender: rethinking patriarchy.

5. "Race" and ethnicity: 'travelling in the West'.

6. Age: a neglected dimension of stratification.

7. Some international comparisons.


Fractured identities: processes of fragmentation and polarization in post-industrial capitalist societies.

Bibliography and sources.


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Author Information

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The Wiley Advantage

*A highly accessible, and comprehensive, introduction to changing patterns of inequality in contemporary societies.
*Systematically examines the interrelationship between class, gender, race and age, in order to explore how these dimensions of inequality act upon one another.
*Will become the standard textbook in the area of stratification studies.
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"She offers a fair assessment of the virtues and failings of contemporary sociological thought and its implications for understanding social inequalities ... This book is a very refreshing addition to the literature and it should certainly feature on reading lists on modules addressing current sociological thought and changing social inequalities." Sociology

"Readable and well structured while at the same time intellectually challenging. Bradley's discussion of 'race' and ethnicity ... offers a particularly valuable contribution to current thinking." Work, Employment and Society

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