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Green Hopes: The Future of Political Ecology

ISBN: 978-0-7456-1327-7
184 pages
July 1995, Polity
Green Hopes: The Future of Political Ecology (0745613276) cover image


This is a concise introduction to "political ecology" - a "green" alternative to traditional political movements and doctrines.
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Table of Contents


Part I: Old Imperatives, New Hopes: .

1. Ecology without Consciousness is Body without Soul.

2. Ecology and Democracy.

3. Political Ecology and the Workers' Movement: Similarities and Differences.

4. The Rise and Fall of Economic Liberalism.

5. Ecology as Post-Socialist Economic Logic.

Part II: International and Worldwide Perspectives:.

6. From Garden to Planet.

7. A Modest Internationalism.

8. The North-South Divide: Reality or Outmoded Concept?.

9. The Rio Conference and New North-South Relations.

10. Pro-Europe Means Anti-Maastricht.

11. And Now, A Fresh Start.

Part III: A New Political Force:.

12. Greens and Others.

13. Political Ecology: The Urgent Task.



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The Wiley Advantage

* A concise, readable introduction to 'political ecology'; this is a new political movement which aims towards economic, social & political transformation around problems that affect us all.
* Will appeal to students on a range of courses interested in the implications of political ecology for left politics in the 90's.
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"Excellent reading for the interested public as well as for students on a whole range of courses. It spreads Green hope and it helps to rectify a number of common misperceptions about the concerns of political ecology." Environmental Politics

"Engaging and forthright.' Sociology

"It should be studies by those concerned with the politics of the environment because it provides us with a comprehensive account of the beliefs, reasoning and arguments of the Green movement in France." Political Geography

"Exceptionally interesting." Political Studies

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