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Human Rights in Another Key

ISBN: 978-0-7456-1376-5
192 pages
October 1994, Polity
Human Rights in Another Key (0745613764) cover image


This is a refreshingly original analysis of human rights, past and present, which sets out major new terms of reference for political debate, it will become a standard text in the human rights field.
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Table of Contents


1. Human Rights and the Western Tradition.

2. Human Rights and the Legal Tradition.

3. Human Rights and Human Needs.

4. Human Rights and Social Structures.

5. Human Rights and Social Processes.



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Author Information

Johan Galtung is internationally renowned in his field and is the author of many books and articles on peace studies including Environment, development and military activity, (Norwegian Universities Press, 1982), Global Militarization (Ed. with Peter Wallensteen and Corlos Portales, Westview Press, 1985) and Europe in the Making (Crane Russak / Taylor and Francis Inc, 1989).
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The Wiley Advantage

* This book provides a new approach to human rights based on a clear examination of social and cultural processes.
* It will become a major reference point for future discussions.
* Johan Galtung is well known for his work in peace studies.
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'This book surely contains enough ideas to challenge, stimulate, provoke and inspire anyone concerned intellectually, practically or professionally with the field of human rights and human needs.' Journal of Peace Research

'The argument is often thought-provoking.' Political Studies

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