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The Age of Rights

ISBN: 978-0-7456-1595-0
192 pages
January 1991, Polity
The Age of Rights (0745615953) cover image


This book presents a valuable clarification and defence of human rights by Italy's leading political theorist.
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Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition

Part I

1. On the Fundamental Principles of Human Rights

2. Human Rights Now and in the Future

3. The Age of Rights

4. Human Rights and Society

5. Human Rights Today

Part II

6. The French Revolution and Human Rights

7. The Legacy of the Great Revolution

8. Kant and the French Revolution

Part III

9. Against the Death Penalty

10. The Current Debate on the Death Penalty


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The Wiley Advantage

* The author is Italy's leading political theorist.
* This book brings together his writings on human rights.
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'The Italian political thinker lends some much-needed backbone to the vague liberal rhetoric of human rights. Notably clear in its grasp of the wide gap between paper rights and actual freedoms.' New Statesman and Society

'Great assurance, intelligence, clarity of vision, and lucidity of argument.' Radical Philosophy

'It makes a thoughtful contribution.' Policy

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