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What Is Globalization?

ISBN: 978-0-7456-2125-8
192 pages
February 2000, Polity
What Is Globalization? (0745621252) cover image


This important new book offers an engaging and challenging introduction to the thorny paths of the globalization debate.
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Table of Contents



Vitual Tax-Payers.

The National State Caught between World Economy and Individualization: What is to be Done?.

The Globalization Shock: A Belated Discussion.

Part I: Dimensions, Controversies, Definitions: .

1. The World Horizon Opens Up: On the Sociology of Globalization.

2. Transnational Civil Society: How a Cosmopolitan Vision is Emerging.

3. Contours of World Society: Rival Perspectives.

Part II: Perspectives:.

4. Errors of Globalism.

5. Responses to Globalization.

6. Europe and Globalization.

Conclusion: Decline a la Carte: The Brazilianization of Europe.

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Author Information

Ulrich Beck is Professor of Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.
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The Wiley Advantage

* A clear and exciting introduction to the globalization debate.
* Examines the meaning of globalization and explores political responses to it.
* Argues that a decisive critique of globalism is necessary to make space for the primacy of politics.
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'The primary virtue of Beck's book lies in its helpful and comprehensive mapping of the various contours of the broad debates about globalization ... As would be expected from a sociologist of the stature of Beck, this is a fascinating , eclectic book where an illuminating empirical example is never very far away.' Democractization

'This introduction to the thorny path of the globalization debate aims to clarify the ambiguities of the debate, distinguish between the various types of globalization, and warn the reader of conceptual traps.' Business Horizons

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