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Wagner's Hitler: The Prophet and His Disciple

ISBN: 978-0-7456-2710-6
384 pages
November 2001, Polity


Wagner's Hitler is an important and controversial contribution to the literature on Hitler's Germany.
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Table of Contents

Introduction by Ronald Taylor 1

1 Ein Heldenleben 6

2 The Last of the Tribunes 24

3 Dresden Burns 37

4 Studies in the Ring 51

5 Dragon-Slayer by Profession 67

6 The Future as Art 81

7 A Royal Failure 97

8 The Witch’s Kitchen 115

9 A Lethal Subject 133

10 Pioneers 144

11 An Official Blessing 162

12 The Saviour Betrayed 178

13 Wagnerian Hero: A Self-Portrait 191

14 Blood Brotherhood 209

15 Life under the Mastersingers 242

16 Barbarossa Returns; Ahasverus Perishes 269

Notes 296

Bibliography 356

Index 370

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Author Information

Joachim Köhler is a scholar of philosophy and German literature, and is the author of Zarathustra's Secret and Nietzsche and Wagner.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • A controversial new examination of the relationship between Wagner and Hitler
  • Traces Wagner's influence on Hitler from his youth to his dictatorship
  • Has generated a great deal of debate in Germany and is sure to do so in the English-speaking world.
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"Fascinating and very well written ... clearly the best documented of the attempts to link Wagner and Hitler." Harold James, Princeton University

"Chilling and exhaustively researched ... [it offers a] persuasive case for its thesis that Hitler based his entire philosophy and the whole Nazi apparatus on ideas explicitly drawn from Wagner's writings and operas." The New York Times

'Time and again Wagner called for the annihilation of the Jewish race, an alien body in an Aryan German state. Hitler took him at his word.' Ronald Taylor, in his Introduction


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