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AIDS in Africa: How the Poor are Dying

ISBN: 978-0-7456-3158-5
240 pages
March 2006, Polity
AIDS in Africa: How the Poor are Dying (0745631584) cover image


Across Africa, HIV/AIDS is slowly killing millions of people in the prime of their lives, weakening state structures, deepening poverty and reversing the gains in life expectancy achieved over the past century. Although many who study the dynamics of Africas AIDS crisis accept that, to some degree, its entrenchment is a socially produced phenomenon, few have examined how the course and intensity of the epidemic have been affected by the continents ubiquitous poverty, the impact of the pervasive structural adjustment programmes or Africas marginalization in the process of globalization until now.

This book explores the socio-economic context of Africas vulnerability to HIV/AIDS as well as assessing the politics of domestic and global response. Using primary and secondary data, it charts the power relations driving Africas HIV/AIDS epidemic, frustrating the possibility of alleviation and recovery as well as working to relegate the continent to a bleak and vulnerable future. In this sense, the book marks a radical departure by providing a comprehensive analysis of Africas vulnerability to AIDS and the challenges confronting policy makers as they seek to reverse its escalating prevalence on the continent.

AIDS in Africa is an immensely valuable introduction to the greatest pandemic facing the world today.

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Table of Contents

Figures, Tables and Boxes.

Acronyms and Abbreviations.


Introduction: Africa's AIDS Crisis in Context.

1. Stagnation, Decline and Vulnerability: A Brief History of Post-colonial Africa.

2. Understanding the Dynamics of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

3. The Social-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS.

4. The Challenge of Scaling up HIV/AIDS Treatment Programmes in Africa.

5. Community-Based Strategies: Lessons from Below.

6. Setting Priorities for Confronting HIV/AIDS in Africa.





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Author Information

N.Poku, Director of Research, Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa
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The Wiley Advantage

  • In-depth analysis of the political and social structures behind a phenomenon which is devastating the entire African continent
  • Written by the Director of Research for the UN’s HIV/AIDS in Africa Commission
  • Provides a wealth of data on the extent of the AIDS crisis in Africa
  • Charts the history of the AIDS epidemic, as well as the possibility for future alleviation of the crisis
  • Clear analysis of the implications for policy-makers both in Africa and elsewhere
  • Written in a clear, accessible style, ideal for undergraduates
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“Should be required reading for anyone involved in shaping national and international responses to the epidemic.”
International Affairs

"AIDS in Africa must serve as a call to action. Everybody should read it."
Kenneth D. Kaunda, First President of Zambia and Patron of the Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa

"This book assesses the broad spectrum of challenges that HIV/AIDS poses to the global community. It addresses the epidemic as a social, moral, ethical and economic imperative which brooks no denial. It is recommended reading for all engaged in overcoming the challenges of HIV infection and AIDS in Africa."
Joy Phumaphi, Assistant Director-General, Family and Community Health, World Health Organization

"This book provides a clear, readable and cogent account for students of health and politics of how the AIDS epidemic in Africa needs to be understood: as in part the consequence of a political dimension that has underpinned its spread, hinders its retreat and shapes responses to it."
Adrian Leftwich, University of York

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