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Sociology for Social Workers

ISBN: 978-0-7456-3697-9
264 pages
July 2008, Polity
Sociology for Social Workers (0745636977) cover image

The second edition of this major textbook clearly shows how sociology can inform professional social work practice in the twenty-first century. It provides an easy-to-follow, jargon-free introduction to sociology for social work students, with crucial links to practice across a comprehensive range of topics.

The need for an appreciation of the insights sociology has to offer about our world and our actions within it has been underlined by recent reforms to social work education, and the new edition furthers its commitments to this goal. The book shows how sociology is an exciting and relevant topic to social work with a variety of service user groups, and supports and extends students’ learning through carefully designed pedagogical features. Richly illustrated with evidence and examples, the book uses engaging case studies to demonstrate the relevance of sociology to everyday practice.

The new edition has been fully updated to explore contemporary issues for social workers, locating these in the context of global changes and strengthening its application of sociological theories to social work practice. Sociology for Social Workers will continue to be an invaluable teaching and learning resource that takes seriously sociology’s capacity to contribute to positive social work practice.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Sociology and Key Issues
  • Chapter 2 – Key Sociological Theories
  • Chapter 3 – Social Class, Poverty and Social Exclusion
  • Chapter 4 – Crime and Deviance
  • By Professor Terry Thomas
  • Chapter 5 – Gender
  • Chapter 6 – Race and Ethnicity
  • Chapter 7 – Sexuality
  • Chapter 8 – Family and Change
  • Chapter 9 – Childhood
  • Chapter 10 – Old Age
  • Chapter 11 – Health and Disability
  • Chapter 12 – Mental Health
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
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    Anne Llewellyn is Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at Leeds Metropolitan University. Lorraine Agu and David Mercer are both Senior Lecturers in Social Work at Leeds Metropolitan University.
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    • provides an easy-to-follow, jargon-free introduction to sociology for social work students

    • covers a comprehensive range of topics and uses engaging case studies to demonstrate the relevance of sociology to everyday practice.
    • the text includes clearly defined learning aims, structured activities and questions for discussion, a glossary of key sociological concepts and annotated bibliographies for further reading
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    "This book should be essential reading for all social work students as it so beautifully captures the central relevance of a sociological understanding to the whole social work curriculum. It also demonstrates clearly the location of social work as a profession within the social and political context."
    Cath Holmstrom, University of Sussex

    "The authors have succeeded in writing a sociology text that is highly relevant to social work practice. Clearly written chapters explore different theoretical explanations and perspectives that will provoke the reader to reflect and challenge their own and others’ world views."
    Sheila Furness, University of Bradford

    "This book gives sociology immediacy, using case studies, exercises and images to enable social work students to apply sociological theory to scenarios drawn from real life. A very accessible book which should be on every social work programme’s introductory reading list."
    Marilyn Gregory, University of Sheffield

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