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War and Genocide: Organised Killing in Modern Society

ISBN: 978-0-7456-5981-7
240 pages
April 2012, Polity
War and Genocide: Organised Killing in Modern Society (0745659810) cover image
This comprehensive introduction to the study of war and genocide presents a disturbing case that the potential for slaughter is deeply rooted in the political, economic, social and ideological relations of the modern world.
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About the Author vi

Foreword to the Second Edition by Gareth Evans viii

Preface and Acknowledgments xiii

List of Abbreviations xviii

Introduction 1

1 Conceptual Building Blocks 6

2 "Humanitarian" Interventions: Thumbnail Sketches 34

3 New Wars and New Humanitarianisms 66

4 New Thinking: The Responsibility to Protect 97

5 So What? Moving from Rhetoric to Reality 133

Notes 174

Selected Readings 210

Index 215

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Thomas G. Weiss is presidential professor of political science and director of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies at the City University of New York Graduate Center.
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  • Argues that the degeneration of war into genocide in the twentieth century was systematic and structural.
  • Examines war and genocide together with their opposites, peace and justice, from the standpoint of victims as well as perpetrators.
  • Provides a guide to the main intellectual resources – military, political and social theories – necessary to understand war and genocide.
  • Summarizes the main historical episodes of slaughter, from the trenches of the First World War to the Nazi Holocaust and the killing fields of Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda.
  • Includes suggestions for further reading, courses and websites
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"In Humanitarian Intervention: Ideas in Action, Tom Weiss again demonstrates his unique talent for bringing conceptual clarity and rigorous analysis to pressing and messy real-world dilemmas. Protecting endangered people abroad raises thorny issues - politically, practically, and ethically. In this engaging book, Weiss offers a conceptual guide to understanding these dilemmas, and his application of these concepts to contemporary humanitarian emergencies will be useful to both scholars and practitioners alike. This is an essential book for anyone interested in humanitarian action."
Martha Finnemore, George Washington University

"Few observers have written more, or more persuasively, than Professor Weiss, and this is his best work to date. A sensible, thorough and realistic treatment."
Fernando R. Tesóon, Florida State University College of Law

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