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E. Coli: A Practical Approach to the Organism and its Control in Foods

ISBN: 978-0-7514-0462-3
200 pages
May 1999, Wiley-Blackwell
E. Coli: A Practical Approach to the Organism and its Control in Foods (0751404624) cover image


Recent outbreaks of fatal food-borne illness associated with Vero cytotoxin-producing E.Coli (VTEC) have highlighted the need for thorough and coherent information to be provided to the food industry.

The book details the causes of selected incidents and assesses the lessons that can be learnt from them. It examines the characteristics of E.Coli and VTEC and identifies factors which make foods susceptible to contamination by these pathogens. Specific product sectors are used to indicate practical measures that can be applied to control VTEC in foods and minimise its potential to cause harm to the consumer. It also provides guidance in selecting effective sampling plans and test methods to monitor and detect the organism and offers pragmatic advice on action taken when the organism is detected during monitoring programmes.

This information is designed for use by the food industry, particularly personnel working in manufacturing, safety and quality control. It will also be useful for Environmental Health Officers and food research institutions.

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Table of Contents


1. Background.


Taxonomy of E. coli.

Illnesses caused by E. coli.

Sources of E. Coli..

2. Outbreaks: causes and lessons to be learnt.


Coked meat products: Scotland.

Mettwurst: Australia.

Unpasteurized apple juice: USA and Canada.

Pasteurized milk: Scotland.

Soft ripened French cheese: USA.

Beefburgers: USA.

Sprouting vegetables: USA and Japan..

3. Factors affecting the growth and survival of E. coli.



pH, water activity and other factors..

4. Industry focus: control of E. coli.


Raw fermented and dry-cured meat products.

Raw-milk mould-ripened soft cheese.

Fresh-pressed fruit juices.

Cooked meat products.

Raw comminuted meat products: Beefburgers.

Ready-to-eat salads and vegetables and sprouted.

salad vegetables.

Generic control of E. coli 0157 and other VTEC..

5, Industry action and reaction.


Legislation and standards.



Monitoring for E. coli and E.coli 0157.

6. Test methods.

Conventional methods.

Alternative methods.

Other methods..

7. The future.

Glossary of terms.



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Author Information

Chris Bell is a Consultant Microbiologist. Alec Kyriakides is the Company Microbiologist of Sainsbury Supermarkets Ltd.

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