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QuickBooks 2002 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0892-9
384 pages
January 2002
QuickBooks 2002 For Dummies (076450892X) cover image


Get up to speed fast and streamline your business bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2002 For Dummies.

This book shows you how simple it is to use QuickBooks and customize it for your business. You'll find out how to easily access reports, graphs, accounts and inventory. QuickBooks 2002 For Dummies shows you how to quickly track who owes you money, and what you owe to others. Designed to efficiently teach QuickBooks complete financial management capabilities for small business owners who might not know a lot about accounting jargon or debit/credit accounting.
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Table of Contents


PART I: You Gotta Start Someplace.

Chapter 1: The Big Interview.

Chapter 2: Lots of Lists.

Chapter 3: Sharing QuickBooks Files.

PART II: Daily Chores.

Chapter 4: Invoices and Credit Memos.

Chapter 5: Reeling In the Dough.

Chapter 6: Paying Bills.

Chapter 7: Inventory Magic.

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Checkbook.

Chapter 9: Paying with Plastic.

PART III: Stuff You Do Every So Often.

Chapter 10: Check Printing 101.

Chapter 11: Online with QuickBooks.

Chapter 12: Payroll.

Chapter 13: The Balancing Act.

Chapter 14: Reporting on the State of Affairs.

Chapter 15: QuickBooks Dirty Work.

Chapter 16: Building the Perfect Budget.

PART IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: (Almost) Ten Knowledge Nuggets about Web-ifying Your Business.

Chapter 18: (Almost) Ten Tips for Business Owners.

Chapter 19: Tips for Handling (Almost) Ten Tricky Situations.

Chapter 20: (Almost) Ten Little Ideas for Saving Big on Business Taxes.

Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Secret Business Formulas.

PART V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: How to Install QuickBooks in Ten Easy Steps.

Appendix B: If Numbers Are Your Friends.

Appendix C: Project Estimating, Billing, and Tracking.

Appendix D: Timing Yourself.

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Author Information

Stephen L. Nelson, MBA, CPA, is the bestselling author of more than 100 books on computer and business topics, including Quicken 2002 For Dummies. The Wall Street Journal calls him "the Louis L'Amour of computer book writers."
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The Wiley Advantage

The first seven editions of QuickBooks For Dummies have sold more than 375,000 units. Covers the new features and changes in the latest version of Intuit's QuickBooks software, which is projected to launch in January 2002.
Author Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, MBA is the author of more than 100 books, with more than 3.5 million copies in print. Your guidebook to the brand new version of QuickBooks, with greater than 80% market share it is the undisputed #1 small business accounting software.
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Seattle CPA and long-term Dummies author Stephen L. Nelson has written more than 150 books including the Dummies best-sellers Quicken For Dummies and QuickBooks For Dummies. Nelson also publishes the www.llcsexplained.com and www.scorporationsexplained.com websites.

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