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Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Course

ISBN: 978-0-7645-1896-6
458 pages
March 2003
Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Course (0764518968) cover image


* This groundbreaking book gets would-be filmmakers and editors quickly and easily up to speed on the latest release of Adobe Premiere
* Teaches the full range of Adobe Premiere tools and techniques through the re-creation of a complete video project
* Readers learn by doing as they work through the project, editing clips, adding transitions, working with sound, creating special effects, and more
* By the end of the book, readers have created a dynamic, professionalquality video-and have gained a professional-level competency with Adobe Premiere
* CD-ROM contains all of the files and materials needed to complete the project in the book
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Table of Contents


Confidence Builder.

Building the Basic Project.

Creating Titles for Your Logo.

Adding the Clips to the Timeline.

Adding Transitions to Begin and End Your Movie.

Adding Fade Controls.

Animating Your Slogan.

Adding Some Flare with Lens Flares.

Making Your Movie.

Part I: Course Setup.

Premiere Basics.

An Overview of Premiere 6.5.

General Work Tips and Computer Instructions.

Starting the Program for the First Time.

Customizing Storage Locations.

Project Overview.

Part II: Getting Started.

Session 1: Starting the Project.

Choosing General Project Settings.

Customizing Project Settings.

Understanding the General Project Settings.

Understanding Characteristics of Video and Audio.

Choosing Characteristics for Previews.

Importing Footage.

Working with the Project Window.

Organizing the Project Contents into Bins.

Session Review.

Session 2: Assembling the Project.

Revising Program Startup Settings.

Working with a Storyboard.

Setting Clip Durations.

Transferring Clips to the Timeline Automatically.

Adjusting Clips in the Timeline.

Modifying the Storyboard.

Adding Clips Directly to the Timeline.

Session Review.

Part III: Basic Editing.

Session 3: Working with Clips.

Opening and Trimming Clips in the Clip Window.

Setting Markers in the Clip Window.

Checking Clips in the Monitor Window.

Adding Tracks to the Timeline.

Changing the Visibility of Tracks.

Session Review.

Session 4: Editing Clips.

Editing a Clip Using Multiple Windows.

Adjusting In and Out Points on the Timeline.

Trimming Clips on the Timeline.

Setting Precise In and Out Points.

Adding Clips and Tracks Simultaneously.

Targeting the Location of a Clip.

Swapping Clips.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 5: Using Transitions.

Managing Transitions.

Design Considerations.

Inserting Transitions.

Creating Stills from Video Clips.

Adding Complex Transitions.

Previewing and Tweaking Content on the Timeline.

Adding a Different Iris Transition.

Using Multiple Transitions.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Part IV: Working with Audio.

Session 6: Preparing Audio Files.

How and Why to Use Audio.

Preparing Audio Files.

Configuring the Timeline.

Adding Trimmed Audio Clips to the Timeline.

Editing Audio Clips in the Timeline.

Adjusting Audio Signal.

Editing a Group of Clips in the Timeline.

Making a Custom Sound Track.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 7 Editing Audio Files

Adjusting Volume for a Group of Clips.

Working with Sound Effects.

Using the Audio Mixer.

Editing with the Audio Mixer.

Balancing Clips.

Working with a Group of Audio Clips.

Making Audio Design Decisions.

Fine-Tuning the Audio Tracks.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Part V Creating and Animating Titles.

Session 8 Working with Titles.

Creating a Static Title.

Designing the Perfect Title.

Creating a New Title from a Style.

Adding Titles to the Timeline.

Customizing Title Text.

Duplicating Project Titles.

Creating Titles from Templates.

Using a Title in the Video 1 Track.

Creating Graphic Titles.

Building Graphic Mattes.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 9: Creating Animation.

Changing Clip Size and Position.

Reusing Animation Settings.

Working with Large Numbers of Similiar Clips.

Using Titles as Horizontal Frames.

Using Titles as Vertical Frames.

Animating Horizontal Title Bar Clips.

Adding Animated Horizontal Bars to the Timeline.

Printing to Video.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 10: Building Complex Animations.

Understanding Motion Settings.

Using Animation Delays.

Animating Vertical Bars.

Adding Titles.

Creating Title Animation Using Distortion.

Using Rotation to Animate a Title Clip.

Applying a Motion File to a Clip.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Part VI: Adding Transparency and Video Effects.

Session 11: Adding Transparency to Clips.

Adjusting Fade Levels for a Group of Clips.

Fading Clips.

Creating Crossfades.

Key Types.

Adjusting Transparency Using Luminance.

Using the Screen Transparency Key.

Adding Alpha Channels to Clips.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 12: Working with Transparency.

Color-Based and Matte Keys.

Using a Color-Based Transparency Key.

Preparing Clips for an Image Matte.

Creating an Image Matte.

Converting a Title to a Track Matte.

Adding the Title Track Matte.

Completing the Track Matte Background.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 13 Moving from Transparency to Video Effects.

Layering Animated Titles.

Adding Motion and Transparency to the Title.

Adding Luminance to a Clip.

Video Effect Categories.

Adding the Ramp Video Effect.

Flipping the Action for Effect.

Correcting and Modifying Color Using Effects.

Tinting Clips.

Cropping the Content of Clips.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 14 Working with Keyframes and More Video Effects.

Focusing the Traffic Lights.

Posterizing and Blurring Traffic.

Adjusting Keyframe Positions to Control an Effect.

Ending the First Segment with Flair.

Using Time Echo Effects.

Combining Time Echoes with Other Effects.

Transitioning Clips Using Effects.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Part VII: Final Edits and Exporting.

Session 15: Adding Visual Sparkle and Audio Effects.

Moving the Project on the Timeline.

Working with a Garbage Matte.

Setting Up the Clip Sequence.

Tips for Working with Virtual Clips.

Creating a Virtual Clip.

Working with Audio Effects.

Cleaning an Audio Clip.

Using an AutoPan Effect.

Using Complex Volume Control Effects.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Session 16: Exporting the Movie and Archiving the Project.

Making a Final Review of Your Project.

Handling One Final Clip Problem.

Exporting Your Movie!

Web Movie Formats.

Other Export Formats.

Deleting Extra Material from the Timeline and Project Windows.

Preparing Project Documents.

Trimming the Project Footage.

Exporting and Archiving Checklist.

Session Review.

Other Projects.

Appendix What’s on the CD-ROM?


End-User License Agreement.

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Author Information

Donna L. Baker is a graphic designer, information developer, and instructor. Her previous books include CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver f/x & Design and Acrobat 5: The Professional User's Guide.
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??written in plain English?with its clean layout, annotated shots and in-depth content, this is an essential handbook for Adobe Premiere users?? (PC Utilities ? Editors Choice, June 2003)

"...the ultimate resource..." (Digital Creative Arts, June 2003)

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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
80 Steps 3 & 4

Steps 3 & 4 instruct you to change the speed to 110% to result in a duration of 2:02. That is incorrect. In the Speed/Duration dialog box, click the Duration setting and type 202. That changes the duration to 02:02, and resets the speed at 226.16%.

CD CD Missing Confidence Builder exercise
Several files required to complete the "Confidence Builder" exercise were not included on the CD. You may download a .ZIP archive of the missing files from the download page.
CD Premiere 6.5 Trial not on CD

Please note this title was released before the retail version of Premiere 6.5 was made available, and therefore the only trial available at the time was Premiere 6.0 which is the trial available on the CD. If you would like to use the trial of Premiere 6.5, please go to http://www.adobe.com/products/tryadobe/main.jsp and you may download a free trial.

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Companion Site

To test your skills and earn a certificate of completion visit www.seyboldreports.com/wiley.

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