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Linux Toys: 13 Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment

ISBN: 978-0-7645-2508-7
360 pages
October 2003
Linux Toys: 13 Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment (0764525085) cover image


* Christopher Negus is the bestselling author of Red Hat Linux 8 Bible (0-7645-4968-5) and earlier versions, with more than 125,000 copies sold
* Readers learn to build sixteen fun and useful devices for home and office, using spare parts and free software
* Projects include transforming an answering machine into an e-mail converter, building an MP3 music jukebox, building a car entertainment center, and creating a TV video recorder/player
* Projects work with any version of Linux
* Companion Web site includes specialized hardware drivers and software interfaces, plus music and game software
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Table of Contents



Part I: The Basics.

Chapter 1: Exploring Linux Toys.

Chapter 2: Finding Hardware and Software.

Part II: Entertainment Projects.

Chapter 3: Making a Music Jukebox.

Chapter 4: Building a Digital Home Video Archive.

Chapter 5: Building a Television Recorder/Player.

Chapter 6: Creating an Arcade Game Player.

Part III: Projects for the Home.

Chapter 7: Creating a Home Network.

Chapter 8: Making a Home Broadcast Center.

Chapter 9: Building a Temperature Monitor.

Chapter 10: Setting Up a Digital Receptionist.

Part IV: Small Business Opportunities.

Chapter 11: Be a Mini ISP.

Chapter 12: Be a Web-Hosting Service.

Part V: Just for Fun.

Chapter 13: Linux on a Floppy and BSD Games.

Chapter 14: Controlling Toy Cars.

Chapter 15: Creating a Digital Picture Frame.

Appendix A: Getting the Software.

Appendix B: ABCs of Using Linux.

Appendix C: Basics of Red Hat Linux Installation.


GNU General Public License.

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Author Information

Christopher Negus is the author of all editions of the bestselling Red Hat Linux Bible as well as several other computer books. A Linux aficionado, Chris recently wired his house with coax and Cat 5e wiring so he could build more toys.

Chuck Wolber is an experienced Linux system administrator, programmer, and founder of Quantum Linux Laboratories. He's president of the Tacoma Linux Users Group and a devout hardware tinkerer.

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"...Linux Format Top Stuff Award...9/10 Lots of ideas for making your machine do cool things..." (Linux Format, February 2004)

"...the book was good fun, entertaining and thought provoking..." (Linux Magazine, January 2004)

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Welcome to the Linux Toys Web site

Welcome to the Linux Toys Web site. Check here for information related to Linux Toys.
You can reach the Linux Toys community at:

The LinuxToys.net community Web site is there as a venue for providing feedback and getting help related to the Linux Toys projects.

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