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Windows 2000 Professional Bible

ISBN: 978-0-7645-3424-9
960 pages
February 2000
Windows 2000 Professional Bible (0764534246) cover image


Reveals how to master every aspect of Windows 2000 Professional, from installation, tune-ups, and software to the Internet, multimedia, mobile computing, and advanced topics. Registry tweaking and network management. Softcover, CD-ROM included, DLC:Microsoft Windows(Computer file).
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Part I: Get to Know Windows 2000 1

Chapter 1: Welcome to Windows 2000 3

Chapter 2: Navigation Basics 27

Chapter 3: Installing and Removing Software 67

Chapter 4: Installing and Removing Hardware 83

Chapter 5: Using the Windows 2000 Accessories 117

Part II: Tuning Windows 2000 Professional 135

Chapter 6: Getting Organized 137

Chapter 7: Disk Maintenance 163

Chapter 8: Fixing and Updating Windows 2000 189

Chapter 9: Make Windows 2000 Accessible 225

Chapter 10: Fraternizing with Fonts 251

Part III: Windows 2000 and the Internet 265

Chapter 11: Setting Up Modems 267

Chapter 12: Dial-up Networking 303

Chapter 13: Using Internet Explorer 5.0 341

Chapter 14: Outlook Express Explained 389

Chapter 15: Conferencing with NetMeeting 427

Part IV: Graphics and Multimedia 459

Chapter 16: Setting Up the Display 461

Chapter 17: Working with Audio and Video 491

Chapter 18: DirectX and Gaming 525

Part V: Networking with Windows 2000 551

Chapter 19: Networking 101 553

Chapter 20: Networking Windows 2000 593

Chapter 21: Virtual Private Networks 627

Chapter 22: Using Windows 2000 Professional as a Web Server 641

Part VI: Digging Deeper 677

Chapter 23: Installing Windows 2000 Professional 679

Chapter 24: Power Management 705

Chapter 25: Hack Happy: Plumbing the Registry 725

Chapter 26: Windows Script Host 769

Chapter 27: Administrative Tools in Windows 2000 Professional 791

Appendix A: Introducing Intellimirror 841

Appendix B: Introducing Active Directory 855

Appendix C: Windows 2000 Resource Guide 873

Appendix D: What’s on the CD-ROM 881

Glossary 887

Index 897

End-User License Agreement 932

CD-ROM Installation Instructions 935

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Author Information

About the Authors Michael Desmond is an award-winning computer industry journalist, author, and editorial consultant. He is the author of Peter Norton's Complete Guide to PC Upgrades, 2nd Edition, coauthor of Platinum Edition: Using Windows 95, and a contributor to numerous other computing books. Previously senior editor of news at PC World magazine and president of the Computer Press Association, Michael now runs an editorial consulting business for high-tech companies and publishers. His Web site can be found at http://www.MichaelDesmond.com. Michael is also an adjunct professor of journalist at St. Michael's College. Michael earned an M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, and a B.A. in Soviet Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Michael now lives in Burlington, Vermont, with his wife Anne and sons Kevin and Patrick. Michael Meadhra is an author and consultant who writes about a variety of computer-related topics. After several years experience in the corporate world, he began writing monthly software journals and now writes books such as this one. To date, he has coauthored or contributed to more than 30 titles on topics such as DOS, Windows, various application programs, the Internet, and online banking. Meadhra's other recent books include Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition For Dummies, Banking Online For Dummies, and StarOffice For Linux For Dummies, all published by IDG Books Worldwide. Blair Rampling is an information technology consultant from Delta, British Columbia. He specializes in bringing large, unruly networks into neat running order. Optimizing servers and reducing administrative overhead are his main focii, along with Microsoft Exchange administration. In the off hours, he enjoys mountain biking in the incredible trails around Southern BC and building cars for drag racing. Bob Correll received a B.S. in History at the United States Air Force Academy. He served as an Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force for seven and a half years, working in several disciplines. After leaving the Air Force he was hired by Macmillan Computer Publishing as a Software Specialist and after a year was promoted to Development Editor. He left Macmillan to work for a school corporation in Indiana and was responsible for training and professional development. He is now pursuing a full-time writing and technical editing career.
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