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Web Services Enhancements: Understanding the WSE for .NET Enterprise Applications

ISBN: 978-0-7645-3736-3
378 pages
April 2003
Web Services Enhancements: Understanding the WSE for .NET Enterprise Applications (0764537369) cover image
  • Microsoft's Web Services Development Kit (WSDK) brings to the table infrastructure protocols with standards to solve Web services problems such as security and scalability
  • This book will be the first available on this new development tool
  • The author is a member of a select group that Microsoft has brought in to work directly with the development team for the WSDK
  • Global XML Web Services Architecture is the new set of standards for XML Web services established by several companies including Microsoft and Sun Microsystems-WSDK makes working with these standards easier
  • Companion Web site includes sample code and updates, including coverage of new tools as they are released

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Chapter 1: Introduction to XML Web Services.

Chapter 2: Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET.

Chapter 3: Adding Security Credentials to a SOAP Message.

Chapter 4: Digitally Signing SOAP Messages.

Chapter 5: Working with Encrypted SOAP Messages.

Chapter 6: Using the Three Aspects of WS-Security Together.

Chapter 7: Routing SOAP Messages.

Chapter 8: Understanding WS-Attachments and DIME.

Chapter 9: Using WSE Filters.

Appendix A: Tracing.

Appendix B: The Web Services Enhancements Settings Tool.

Appendix C: WSE Configuration Files.

Appendix D: MediaType Values.

Appendix E: Web Services Resources.


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BILL EVJEN is one of the most active proponents of the .NET technologies and community-based learning initiatives for .NET. He has been actively involved with .NET since the first bits were released in 2000 and has since become the president of the St. Louis .NET User Group (www.stlnet.org) as well as the founder and president of the International .NET Association (www.ineta.org), which represents more than 70,000 members worldwide. He is an acclaimed author and speaker on next-generation Web services and related technologies and is the author of Visual Basic .NET Bible and XML Web Services for ASP.NET (both from Wiley). In addition to working in the .NET world, Evjen is a technical director for Reuters in St. Louis, Missouri.
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Companion Site
Visit the Companion Site.
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