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Mastering IBM WebSphere Portal: Expert Guidance to Build and Deploy Portal Applications

ISBN: 978-0-7645-3991-6
552 pages
June 2004
Mastering IBM WebSphere Portal: Expert Guidance to Build and Deploy Portal Applications (0764539914) cover image


Maximize on the power of WebSphere Portal to build and deploy portals

If you use, develop, manage, or administer WebSphere applications, you are probably already building or managing Web portals-or well on your way to doing so. With this comprehensive book, you'll discover how these portals bring together important functions such as integration, presentation, organization, and customizations-functions needed in every complex application environment. The unparalleled author team of experts offers you in-depth insight on mastering the complex aspects of WebSphere Portal, walking you through every facet from installing to deployment.

Mastering IBM WebSphere Portal focuses on not only the portal as a server, but also how it interacts with components such as LDAP servers, enterprise applications, mobile devices, and even other portals. The authors begin with an introduction to the WebSphere product family and then explore such topics as:
* Installing and customizing the portal, as well as migrating existing environments to version 5
* Defining portlets, pages, and user interface properties
* Applying personalization, collaboration, search, and document and content management within WebSphere Portal v. 5
* Using high availability, security and single sign-on, identity management, Web services, and enterprise applications
* Setting up a portal in a high-availability environment and integrating external applications into WebSphere Portal
The companion Web site, www.wiley.com/compbooks/ben-natan, presents all the code in the book as well as links to vendors and sources of information pertaining to WebSphere Portal.
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Table of Contents



About the Authors.


Part I: WebSphere Portal Primer.

Chapter 1: Introducing WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 2: Installing WebSphere Portal on Windows 2000 Server.

Chapter 3: Installing WebSphere Portal on Linux.

Chapter 4: Customizing WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 5: Installing WebSphere Portal Tools and Problem Analysis.

Chapter 6: Migrating to WebSphere Portal Version 5.0.

Part II: Building and Administering Portals with WPS.

Chapter 7: Defining Portals and Pages.

Chapter 8: Tailoring the Portal Web Design.

Chapter 9: WebSphere Portal Personalization.

Chapter 10: Portal Administration.

Chapter 11: Document and Content Management within WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 12: Adding Collaboration and Search Components to Your Portals.

Part III: Portlet Development in WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 13: Extending Portal Functionality: Portlets.

Chapter 14: Portlet Programming Model and API.

Chapter 15: WebSphere Portlet Development Environment.

Chapter 16: Portlet Development.

Chapter 17: Portlet Interactive Debug and JSR 168 Example.

Chapter 18: Struts Portlet Framework.

Part IV: WebSphere Portal within the Enterprise Environment.

Chapter 19: Implementing Authentication for Large Enterprises.

Chapter 20: Integrating Security and Identity Management Tools with WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 21: Designing High Availability into Your Portal Server.

Chapter 22: WebSphere Portal Support for Web Services and Remote Portlets.

Chapter 23: Integrating External Applications with WebSphere Portal.

Chapter 24: Supporting Mobile Users.


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Author Information

RON BEN-NATAN is an expert in the field of portals, WebSphere, application security, and database security. He has published several technical books and numerous articles on these topics.

RICHARD GORNITSKY has 23 years of experience in both software development and infrastructure design and is currently a WebSphere Portal Architect with IBM Software Services for Lotus.

TIM HANIS has extensive experience in development and consulting services using WebSphere Portal. He is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research Triangle Park Labs.

ORI SASSON is an independent consultant operating out of Singa-pore, specializing in WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Business Integration. He is the author of several technical books and numerous papers.

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