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Professional Jakarta Struts

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4437-8
452 pages
October 2003
Professional Jakarta Struts (0764544373) cover image


What is this book about?

The Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta Struts remains the most popular Java framework for building enterprise-level Web applications. In the first book to cover the extensive new features of the final release of Struts 1.1, the authors present the technical and conceptual information you need to design, build, and deploy sophisticated Struts 1.1 applications.

What does this book cover?

This book covers everything you need to know about Struts and its supporting technologies, including JSPs, servlets, Web applications, the Jakarta-Tomcat JSP/servlet container, and much more. Here are just a few of the things you'll find in this book:

  • The Jakarta Struts Model 2 architecture and its supporting components
  • How to get started with Struts and build your own components
  • How to work with the Commons Validator, ActionForms, and DynaActionForms
  • Techniques for customizing the Controlle
  • Ways to maximize your presentation pages with Tiles
  • How to internationalize your Struts applications
  • Tips for managing errors and debugging Struts applications

Who is this book for?

This book is for Java developers who want to build sophisticated, enterprise-level Web applications using the final production release of Struts 1.1.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Introducing the Jakarta Struts Project and Its Supporting Components.

Chapter 2: An Overview of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages Architectures.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Struts.

Chapter 4: Actions and ActionServlet.

Chapter 5: Advanced Action Classes.

Chapter 6: Building the Presentation Layer.

Chapter 7: Debugging Struts Applications.

Chapter 8: Working with Custom ActionMappings.

Chapter 9: Internationalizing Your Struts Applications.

Chapter 10: Managing Errors.

Chapter 11: Integrating the Jakarta Commons Database Connection Pool (DBCP).

Chapter 12: Working with the Validator.

Chapter 13: Using Tiles.

Chapter 14: Developing a Complete Struts Application.

Chapter 15: The struts-config.xml File.

Chapter 16: The HTML Tag Library.

Chapter 17: The Tiles Tag Library.

Chapter 18: The Logic Tag Library.

Chapter 19: The Template Tag Library.

Chapter 20: The Bean Tag Library.

Chapter 21: Struts Cookbook.


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Author Information

James Goodwill is the co-founder and chief technology officer at Virtuas Solutions, LLC, located in Denver, Colorado. With over 10 years of experience, James leads Virtuas' Senior Internet Architects in the development of cutting-edge tools designed for J2EE e-business acceleration.
In addition to his professional experience, James is a member of the JSP 2.0 Expert Group (JSR-152.) He is the author of the best-selling Java titles Developing Java Servlets, Pure JavaServer Pages, Apache Jakarta Tomcat, and Mastering JSP Custom Tags and Tag Libraries. James is also a regular columnist on the Java community Web site, OnJava.com.
More information about James, his work, and his previous publications can be found at his company's web site, www.virtuas.com.

Rick Hightower (www.rickhightower.com) is a developer who enjoys working with Java, J2EE, Ant, Struts, Web Services and XDoclet. Rick is also the CTO of Trivera Technologies (www.triveratch.com), a global training, mentoring, and consulting company focusing on enterprise development. Rick is a regular contributor to IBM developerWorks and has written more than 10 IBM developerWorks tutorials on subjects ranging from EJB to Web Services to XDoclet to Struts to Custom Tags.
While working at eBlox, Rick and the eBlox team used Struts and J2EE to build two frameworks and an ASP (application service provider) for online ecommerce stores. They started using Struts long before the 1.0 release.
Rick recently helped put together a well-received course for Trivera on Struts that runs on Tomcat 4.x, Resin EE 2.x, IBM WebSphere 5.0 (WSAD), JBoss 3.x, and WebLogic 8.1. When not traveling around the country teaching the Trivera Struts course (our bestseller), speaking at conferences about Struts, or doing Struts consulting and mentoring, Rick enjoys drinking coffee at an all night coffee shop and writing code, writing about Struts and other Java, J2EE and XP topics, and writing about himself in the third person.

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