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Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4889-5
312 pages
November 2001
Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology (0764548891) cover image
Digital rights management (DRM) is a set of business models and technologies that allows media companies to protect their intellectual property -- and profit in the online world. Cowritten by DRM pioneer William Rosenblatt, this lucid primer outlines the state of DRM today for media executives and IT decision-makers, covering business models (such as subscriptions), core technologies (watermarking, encryption, authentication), standards (such as XrML), vendors, and more.
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Part I: The Business of DRM.

Chapter 1: Where We Came From: Content Rights in the Predigital World.

Chapter 2: Bits and Nets: New Businesses, New Possibilities.

Chapter 3: Help from the Government: Law and Technology.

Part II: The Technology of DRM. Chapter 4: Rights Models: Representing Rights as Bits.

Chapter 5: DRM Building Blocks: Protecting and Tracking Content.

Chapter 6: Technology Standards: Leveling the Playing Field.

Chapter 7: Proprietary Core Technologies: The Heavyweights.

Part III: DRM Solutions: Putting It All Together.

Chapter 8: Get What You Need: Determining Requirements.

Chapter 9: Implementation Options: Build, Buy, Integrate, and Outsource.

Chapter 10: Plug and Play: Integrating DRM.

Chapter 11: Additional DRM Solutions.

Chapter 12: DRM-Related Solutions.

Chapter 13: Epilogue: The Future of DRM.


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Bill Rosenblatt, a recognized authority on digital media technologies, is president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, a consulting firm focusing on technology strategy for content providers and market strategy for digital media technology vendors. He is one of the architects of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), an emerging standard for online content identification. He is the author of several technical books and a frequent speaker at conferences.

Bill Trippe is president and founder of New Millennium Publishing, a consulting firm specializing in electronic publishing, content management, and SGML/XML technologies. He writes for The Gilbane Report and EContent Magazine, among other journals.

Stephen Mooney is the founder of Mooney & Associates, a consulting firm whose clients include the International DOI Foundation. He chairs the software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Special Interest Group for Digital Rights Management.
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“…an excellent job...they take a tough subject and make it entertaining…a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in securing their assets…” (Internet Strategist, November 2003)
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