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Enterprise JMS Programming

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4897-0
408 pages
March 2002
Enterprise JMS Programming  (0764548972) cover image


This book brings you complete coverage of Sun's Java Message Service API from one of Sun's very own Java experts. You'll find detailed coverage of topics such as JMS security and integration of JMS-based systems in Internet and application server environments. Clear and concise coverage with robust examples set this book apart from the existing titles on the market -- exactly what serious developers are looking for.
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Table of Contents



PART I: JMS Programming.

Chapter 1: Introducing JMS.

Chapter 2: The JMS Message.

Chapter 3: Sending Messages.

Chapter 4: Receiving Messages.

Chapter 5: Publish/Subscribe Messaging.

Chapter 6: Point-to-Point Messaging.

Chapter 7: Building Message-Driven Beans with EJB 2.0.

Chapter 8: JMS Transactions.

Chapter 9: Securing JMS.

Chapter 10: Maximizing JMS Performance.

PART II: JMS Administration.

Chapter 11: Administering JMS.

Chapter 12: Sample Administration of Real JMS Products.

PART III: JMS Architecture.

Chapter 13: An Enterprise Real-Time Financial Trading System.

Chapter 14: An Integrated Workflow System.

Chapter 15: A High-Volume Extranet System.

Chapter 16: An Internet Order-Taking System.

Appendix A: API Listing.

Appendix B: JMS-Compliant Products.

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Author Information

Shaun Terry is a Senior Java Architect with the Sun Java Center, where he has helped a wide variety of small companies and large corporations such as Charles Schwab, Ford, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones design enterprise-class systems based on the latest Java and Internet technologies. His experience includes 15 years of system development, design, and architecture at Sun Microsystems and on Wall Street.
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Bonus Content

Your Enterprise JMS Road Map

J2EE’s Java Message Service API provides a common interface for standard messaging protocols, as well as special messaging services that support XML and Java objects. Written by one of Sun’s senior Java architects, this clear and concise guide shows you how to put JMS to work in mission-critical enterprise applications — and helps you stay at the forefront of enterprise computing trends, including peer-to-peer and disconnected application development. Robust examples and detailed coverage of advanced topics, such as JMS security and enterprise integration, make this the most complete JMS reference available.

Put JMS to Work:

  • Integrate JMS-based systems in Internet and application server environments
  • Enable disconnected applications to communicate with each other
  • Find out when — and when not — to use JMS for network-oriented messaging
  • Build message-driven Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Maximize JMS performance for mission-critical applications
  • Learn system architectures for data distribution, workflow, Internet order-taking, and more

Download all the source code for the examples and get started.

The author, Shaun Terry, welcomes your comments and questions. Please feel free to contact him at enterprisejms@yahoo.com

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