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Curl Programming Bible

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4942-7
792 pages
May 2002
Curl Programming Bible (0764549421) cover image


Provides readers with an in-depth understanding of Curl technologies and how to apply them to real world situations. Coverage includes:
* Curl language syntax
* Text formatting, scripting, OO programming and rich 3D graphics.
* Support for emerging technologies, like SOAP, Web Services and Peer to Peer
* Incorporating Curl technologies into existing Web infrastructure
* Embedding Curl content within an HTML page
* Accessing Databases on the server
* Creating and packaging Curl applets for Web delivery
* Source code and examples
* Links to Curl developer resources such as white papers and developer forums
* Links to download the Surge Development Lab and Surge Plug-in
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Table of Contents



Part I: Curl Content Language Fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Introducing Curl.

Chapter 2: How Curl Works.

Chapter 3: Building Your First Curl Applet with the Surge Lab IDE.

Chapter 4: Working with Text.

Chapter 5: Building Tables.

Chapter 6: Adding Images, Backgrounds, and Borders.

Chapter 7: Working with Variables.

Chapter 8: Controlling Program Flow.

Chapter 9: Creating and Using Procedures.

Chapter 10: Creating Classes.

Chapter 11: Inheritance.

Chapter 12: Strings and Arrays.

Chapter 13: Handling Exceptions in Curl.

Part II: Building User Interfaces with Curl.

Chapter 14: Creating a Graphical Layout.

Chapter 15: Dynamic Layout.

Chapter 16: Defining Events.

Chapter 17: Working with Buttons, Lists, and Other GUI Controls.

Chapter 18: Creating Menus.

Part III: Working with Curl's Multimedia Capabilities.

Chapter 19: Creating 2D-Graphics.

Chapter 20: Creating 3D-Graphics.

Chapter 21: Building Animations.

Chapter 22: Adding Audio.

Part IV: Working with Files.

Chapter 23: Accessing File Contents.

Chapter 24: Server Communication and Other Resources.

Chapter 25: Handling Persistent Data.

Part V: Deploying Curl Applications.

Chapter 26: Applet Security.

Chapter 27: Packaging Curl Content.

Chapter 28: Publishing Curl Content.

Part VI: Advanced Curl Programming.

Chapter 29: Using Curl's SAX2 XML Parser.

Chapter 30: Curl and Web Services.

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Author Information

Curl Corporation is a software technology company that enables the development and deployment of next-generation Web pages and applications by providing full application-level functionality and a substantially richer, more interactive Web experience for the user.
Based in Cambridge, Mass., Curl was founded in February of 1998 to extend and commercialize the results of a three-year, $5 million, DARPA-funded research project conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. DARPA, recognizing the need for standards and new models for harnessing the power of the Web, provided a grant that established the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Curl project to develop the "next generation of communication and computation software."
The founders of Curl Corporation were twelve members of the MIT community, with a technical team led by Stephen A. Ward, an internationally recognized computer scientist; Michael L. Dertouzos, Director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science; and Timothy Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web and Director of the W3C.
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Bonus Content
Bonus Content

First developed at MIT, the Curl content language is a next-generation programming language that makes it easy to build fast, rich media Web applications. Written by a team of Curl experts, this insider's guide shows you step-by-step how to start creating your own Curl applications in the Surge Lab Integrated Development Environment. Covering everything from language basics to user interfaces, multimedia, file handling, content deployment, and Web services, it delivers all the information you need to become a Curl pro.

Click the download link of the menu to the left to download code corresponding to the chapters in the book. To unzip the code archives, you need an unzipping tool, such as WinZip.

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