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Palm OS Programming Bible, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4961-8
946 pages
October 2002
Palm OS Programming Bible, 2nd Edition (0764549618) cover image


* Examines new Palm OS handheld models and new tools for developing Palm OS programs.
* Includes new working code samples for developing conduits, which synchronize data between handhelds and PCs.
* Contains a new chapter on the Virtual File System, which allows for handling of data on removable memory cards in the newest Palm devices.
* Covers the new graphic and sound capabilities available in OS 5.
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Table of Contents




PART I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Palm OS Platform.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Palm OS.

PART II: Creating Palm OS Applications.

Chapter 3: Introducing the Development Tools.

Chapter 4: Writing Your First Palm OS Application.

Chapter 5: Debugging Your Program.

PART III: Programming the Palm OS.

Chapter 6: Creating and Understanding Resources.

Chapter 7: Building Forms and Menus.

Chapter 8: Programming User Interface Elements.

Chapter 9: Programming System Elements.

Chapter 10: Programming Graphics and Sounds.

Chapter 11: Programming Alarms and Time.

Chapter 12: Programming Tables.

PART IV: Storing Information.

Chapter 13: Storing and Retrieving Data.

Chapter 14: Manipulating Records.

Chapter 15: Using secondary Storage.

PART V: Communicating Outside the Handheld.

Chapter 16:Sharing Data Through the Exchange Manager.

Chapter 17: Using the Serial Port.

Chapter 18: Communicating Over a Network.

Chapter 19: Creating Web Clipping Applications.

PART VI: Synchronizing Data With the Desktop.

Chapter 20: Learning Conduit Basics.

Chapter 21: Building Conduits.

PART VII: Advanced Topics

Chapter 22: Programming Navigation Wheels.

Chapter 23: Odds and Ends.


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Author Information

LONNON R. FOSTER is a programmer and writer who has spent the past nine years creating desktop applications, database front ends, web sites, communications software, technical documentation, and handheld applications. He has been developing Palm OS applications almost as long as the Platform has existed, starting with his first Pilot 5000 and progressing to more complicated wireless software for Symbol's 1700 series. Lonnon fills his sparse free time with tactical tabletop gaming, recreational Perl coding, and reading everything he can get his hands on.
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