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Beginning Access 2003 VBA

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5659-3
552 pages
September 2004
Beginning Access 2003 VBA (0764556592) cover image


What is this book about?

Written by an Access programmer with more than 10 years of VBA experience, this is the perfect guide for Access users who are ready to take their databases to the next level, or for programmers who are new to Access or VBA.  Veteran Access developer Denise Gosnell shows readers the ins and outs of Access VBA and provides plenty of source code, and fully developed sample applications to guide you along the way.

Not only do readers learn to build “stand-alone” desktop applications, but readers also learn how to integrate Access applications with Web Services, and SQL Server.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to Access 2003 VBA.

Chapter 2: The Basics of Writing and Testing VBA Code.

Chapter 3: Programming Applications Using Objects.

Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Objects.

Chapter 5: Interacting with Data Using ADO and SQL.

Chapter 6: Building Interactive Forms.

Chapter 7: Importing, Linking, and Exporting Using External Data Sources.

Chapter 8: Creating Reports and Web-Enabled Output.

Chapter 9: Building SQL Server Applications with Access Projects.

Chapter 10: Advanced Access Programming.

Chapter 11: Finishing the Application.

Chapter 12: Case Study 1: Project Tracker Application.

Chapter 13: Case Study 2: Customer Service Application.

Appendix A: Exercise Answers.


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Author Information

Denise Gosnell is a software attorney with Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett & Henry LLP, a worldwide intellectual property law firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Denise has a unique background in both technology and law, and presently uses her deep technical and legal expertise to counsel hi-tech clients on intellectual property and technical matters.
Denise has ten years of experience creating software applications, ranging from standalone and client-server to enterprise-wide applications. Denise has worked for leading software companies such as Microsoft and EDS, and has earned a worldwide reputation for her technology expertise. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science – Business (summa cum laude) from Anderson University, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.
Denise has co-authored five software development books to date: Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server 2000: Building An Effective Data Layer (Wrox Press), Beginning Visual Basic.NET Databases (Wrox Press), Professional .NET Framework (Wrox Press), Professional SQL Server 2000 (Wrox Press), and MSDE Bible (IDG Books). Denise was a featured technology speaker at the Microsoft European Professional Developer’s Conference in December 2001 and has on numerous occasions assisted Microsoft’s Training and Certification group in creating new exams for their MCSD and MCSE certifications. She herself holds the MCSD certification.
Denise can be reached at dgosnell@uspatent.com or denisegosnell@yahoo.com.
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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
85 Error in Text
In the 'How It Works' section:
The IsNothing function returns a value of False if the objConnection object is equal to Nothing in which case you simply return a value of False to the caller of this function.

Should be:
The IsNothing function returns a value of True if the objConnection object is equal to Nothing in which case you simply return a value of False to the caller of this function.
4 112 Error in Code
Step 2 of "Try it Out":
the last line of the code:
End Function

should be:
End Sub
119 Error in Example
paragraph entitled "Creating Class Heirarchies":
example reads:
Public ItemDetails As OrderDetails

should read:
Public OrderDetails As Orders
165 Error in Code
Code line begins with: " 'execute the delete command against the database cmdCommand.Execute "

Should exclude the word "delete" because this is a SaveCurrentRecord procedure.
170 Error in Text
The paragrpah beginning with the phrase:
"If the SaveAll procedure was being called because you're in AddNew Record mode, "

Should read:
"If the SaveCurrentRecord procedure was being called while you're in the AddNew Record mode, "
5 Ch.5 Error in Code
If Not rsContacts.BOF Then (This evaluates true if first in form
'save the id of the current (previous) record
intCurContact = rsContacts!intContactId
End If

should be: 'move to the next record in the local recordset since the
'current one is being deleted
If Not rsContacts.EOF Then
'save the id of the current (next) record
intCurContact = rsContacts!intContactId
End If
346 Error in Multiple Steps
In the description of the following Steps, the "clsProjects" should be changed to "clsContacts":

Step 2, Page 346
Step 3, Page 348
Step 4, Page 349
Step 5, Page 349
Step 6, Page 350
Step 7, Page 351
Step 8, Page 351
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