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Audel Basic Electronics

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7900-4
480 pages
May 2005
Audel Basic Electronics (0764579002) cover image
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Over the past hundred years, electronic technology--especially digital--has transformed our world. If you're in the electrical trade or studying to be, there's a lot to learn and even more to keep up with. You need a directory of the basics, with chapter summaries, common symbols and abbreviations, a glossary, and more--one that's both study guide and ready reference. Here it is.
* Understand Ohm's Law, magnetism, insulators, and conductors
* Review circuit diagrams and principles of parallel circuits
* Examine electromagnetic induction, capacitance, and resistance
* Explore fiber optics, LED, laser, and radio wave technologies
* Delve into digital electronics, including logic circuits and binary code
* Learn information vital to maintaining and repairing audio systems and televisions
* Enhance your knowledge of computer electronics
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Chapter 1. What Is Electricity?

Chapter 2. The Primary Factors.

Chapter 3. Circuits.

Chapter 4. Alternating Current.

Chapter 5. Resonance.

Chapter 6. Semiconductors.

Chapter 7. Semiconductor Devices.

Chapter 8. Optoelectronics.

Chapter 9. Circuit Components.

Chapter 10. Filters.

Chapter 11. Amplifiers.

Chapter 12. Oscillators.

Chapter 13. Digital Electronics.

Chapter 14. Fiber Optics.

Chapter 15. Radio Transmission.

Chapter 16. Audio.

Chapter 17. Television.

Chapter 18. Radar.

Chapter 19. Computers.

Appendix A: Required Mathematics.

Appendix B: Symbols and Abbreviations.

Appendix C: Circuits.

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Paul Rosenberg is a leading voice in the electrical industry. A master electrician, he is an instructor at Iowa State University and has written for many major industry publications. He is the author of several Audel electrical guides, including Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual, 2nd Edition.
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