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Accessible XHTML and CSS Web Sites: Problem - Design - Solution

ISBN: 978-0-7645-8306-3
450 pages
April 2005
Accessible XHTML and CSS Web Sites: Problem - Design - Solution (0764583069) cover image


  • Shows Web developers how to make the transition from HTML to XHTML, an XML-based reformulation of HTML that offers greater design flexibility
  • Demonstrates how to work with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-now supported by ninety percent of browsers and integral to new site-building tools from Macromedia and others-and implement a consistent style throughout and entire site
  • Explains how to make a site accessible to people with impaired vision, limited hand use, dyslexia, and other issues-now a legal requirement for many sites in the U.S. and the U.K.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Introducing the Site.

Chapter 2: Moving from HTML to XHTML.

Chapter 3: Using CSS to Style Documents.

Chapter 4: Adding More Style with CSS.

Chapter 5: Using CSS for Layout.

Chapter 6: Understanding Accessibility.

Chapter 7: Creating Accessible Tables and Forms and Testing Your Site.

Chapter 8: Looking to the Future.

Appendix A: Final Example Code.

Appendix B: XHTML Element Reference.

Appendix C: CSS Properties.

Appendix D: Escape Characters.

Appendix E: MIME Types.


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Author Information

Jon Duckett published his first Web site in 1996 while studying for a BSc (Hons) in psychology at Brunel University, London. Since then he has helped create a wide variety of Web sites and has coauthored more than ten programming-related books on topics from ASP to XML (via many other letters of the alphabet) that have covered diverse aspects of Web programming, including design, architecture, and coding.
After graduating, Jon worked for Wrox Press, first in their Birmingham (U.K.) offices for three years and then in Sydney (Australia) for another year. He is now a freelance developer and consultant based in a leafy suburb of London, working for a range of clients spread across three continents.
When not stuck in front of a computer screen, Jon enjoys writing and listening to music.
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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
51 Error in Code
3rd highlighted line of code on page

<input type="text"
should begin:
<input type="checkbox"
59 Error in Text
2nd bullet beginning with "Inline Elements" first line:

Inline elements appear within block-level elements, do not necessarily start a new line, and

Should be:

Inline elements appear within block-level elements, they do not necessarily start a new line, nor
73 Error in Code
2nd code line:

<img src="images/interface/1px.gif" height="15" width="150" />

Should be:

<img src="images/interface/1px.gif" height="15" width="150" alt="" />
74 Error in Code Block
Last code block, first line:

<div class="welcomeText">

Should be:

<div id="welcomeText">
76 Error in Code Block
2nd code block, 1st line:


Should be:

<div class="footer">
125 Bulleted List
Bullet list at bottom should read:

143 Add Line
Please add this to the bottom of the page, after the current last paragraph:

In order to link the XHTML page to the style sheet you will need to add the <link /> element (which was discussed at the beginning of this chapter) inside the <head> element of the document. On the home page the <link /> element will look like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="interface.css" type="text/css" />
145 Error in Code
Last code line:

td#tagline {

Should be:

146 Error in Code
Last highlighted code line:

img {border-none;}

Should be:

img {border:none;}
147 Error in Code
Last code line:

Should be:
149 Error in Code Block
First code block, last line:

border:solid 2px #666666;}
Should be:
border:solid 2px #999999;}
149 Error in Code
Last line of code:

div#FeaturedItemsImage {left-margin:25px;}
Should be:
div#FeaturedItemsImage {margin-left:25px;}
180 Error in Text
3rd bullet paragraph, last line:

and finally lowest.
Should be:
and finally lowest, inset.
186 Error in Code Block
2nd code block, first line:

@import "codestyle.css"
Should be:
@import "codestyle.css";
234 Error in Code Block
First code block, 8th line, beginning of line:

Should be:
256 Error in Heading
Last heading:

Using markup instead than images
Should be:
Using markup instead of images
290 Error in Text
1st paragraph, 2nd line, end:

should do you best to
Should be:
should do your best to
294 Error in Code Block
Last code block, 2nd line:

race numbers
Should be:
driver names
302 Error in Code Block
2nd code block, 2nd line:

<label for="accountName">Account name</a>
Should be:
<label for="accountName">Account name</label>
306 Error in Code Block
Code block, 13th line (this is the first of 3 lines that end with id="q35":

Should be:
306 Error in Code Block
Code block, 15th line (this is the second of 3 lines that end with id="q35"

Should be:
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