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Software Reuse: A Standards-Based Guide

ISBN: 978-0-7695-0874-0
318 pages
July 2001, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press
Software Reuse: A Standards-Based Guide (076950874X) cover image
Reuse is one of the simplest and oldest concepts in programming - and one that is often underutilized. When implemented purposefully and correctly, reuse can save time and money as well as create an inventory of valuable and reusable software assets. Dr. Carma McClure, one of the principal writers of the IEEE's Software Reuse Standard 1517, provides clear, concise, and applied information to make effective software reuse based on the reuse standard a reality.

This book provides specific instructions for implementing reuse within the context of the IEEE Software Reuse Process Standard 1517 as well as the IEEE/EIA Standard 12207 - Standard for Information Technology Software Life Cycle Processes. This new guide aids the reader in interpreting the meaning of the standard, implementing the standard, and applying the standard. Like IEEE Std. 1517, this book is written for both managers and technical personnel involved in acquiring, supplying, or developing software applications and systems or reusable assets.
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Chapter 1. Introduction to IEEE Std. 1517--Software Reuse Processes.

Chapter 2. ISO/IEC & IEEE/EIA Standard 12207--Standard for Information Technology--Software Life Cycle Processes.

Chapter 3. Organization of IEEE Std. 1517.


Chapter 4. IEEE Std. 1517 Primary Processes: Adding Reuse to Software Development, Operation, and Maintenance.

Chapter 5. Asset Management Process.

Chapter 6. Adding the Reuse Program Administration Process to the Software Life Cycle Process Framework.

Chapter 7. Adding Domain Engineering to the Software Life Cycle Process Framework.


Chapter 8. Application of IEEE Std. 1517.

Chapter 9. Relationship to the SEI Capability Maturity Model.

Chapter 10. Relationship to the OMG Unified Modeling Language.

Sources for Reuse Standards.


About the Author.
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Carma McClure is Vice President of Research at Extended Intelligence, Inc., a Chicago-based company offering reuse methodology services and products. She has lectured about and consulted on software technologies such as maintenance, re-engineering, CASE, repositories and reuse, for major corporations, military and government organizations worldwide. She has written numerous articles and published ten software engineering books.

She served as chairperson of the Reuse Process Working Group of the IEEE Software Engineering Standards Committee which wrote IEEE Std. 1517 Reuse Processes.

Dr. McClure received a B.A. in Mathematics from Loyola University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology. She is a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Kellog Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. She also served as an ACM National Lecturer. E-Mail: 7373302037@Compuserve.com.
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