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.NET Web Services Solutions

ISBN: 978-0-7821-4172-6
464 pages
April 2003
.NET Web Services Solutions (0782141722) cover image


.NET Web Services Solutions offers just what its title states: practical solutions to the real challenges you face as you use .NET to create applications that communicate with web services and--more to the point--to build and deploy web services of your own. By the time you're done, you'll understand how the web services platform works, because chapter by chapter you get all the hands-on instruction, detailed examples, and inside advice you need to make your project succeed.

For example, you'll learn to connect to a database using ADO.NET operations, carry out the exchange of binary files, and extend the reach of your web service so that it touches e-mail, fax machines, mobile devices, and remote PCs. You'll master techniques for making your web service available to other programs--but you'll also discover ways to control its availability through authentication and encryption.

Kris Jamsa's expert coverage goes above and beyond, providing advanced optimization tips, including instructions for implementing asynchronous operations. He also shows you a neat trick for calling a web service from within an HTML page using JavaScript. Want an even neater trick? Check out the section on making money with your web service, where you'll find a billing model that will work for you. The final chapter brings it all together, walking you through a cohesive, highly functional example of an employment web service.
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Table of Contents


Part I: Laying the Foundation.

Chapter 1: Taking Web Services for a Test Drive.

Chapter 2: Creating Your First Web Services.

Chapter 3: Accessing Web Services from within HTML Pages.

Chapter 4: Looking Behind the Scenes at Web Service Protocols.

Chapter 5: Looking at Key Operations.

Part II: Publishing Your .NET Web Services.

Chapter 6: Making .NET Web Services Available to Others.

Chapter 7: Connecting Web Services to Databases.

Chapter 8: Authenticating Users within .NET Services.

Chapter 9: Securing Communication between a Web Service and a Client.

Chapter 10: Extending the Lines of Communication.

Chapter 11: Integrating Binary Data into .NET Web Services.

Part III: Advanced Concepts.

Chapter 12: Examining Key Web Service Files.

Chapter 13: Unlocking Remote Access.

Chapter 14: Improving Web Page Performance.

Chapter 15: Making Money with Web Services.

Chapter 16: Putting It All Together.


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Author Information

Kris Jamsa is a very experienced author having written more than a 100 computer books. Kris has also run his own publishing company and therefore has a name that is very familiar to many of the buyers at key accounts. Some of his best-selling programming books include 1001 Visual Basic Tips and Instant Palm OS Applications.
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