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Zoo TycoonŽ 2: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets

ISBN: 978-0-7821-4357-7
213 pages
December 2004
Zoo TycoonŽ 2: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets (0782143571) cover image


Building and ruling the best zoo in the world sure isn't easy--but this in-depth strategy guide gives you all the info you need to build and maintain the world's best zoo. Are you eager to win five-star fame for your zoo? Want to know how to lay out, build, and expand your zoo? Need advice on handling exotic animals and picky guests? It's all in here, along with full info on caring for the game's 30 animals, acquiring special zoo objects, and making your guests so happy they'll be throwing money at you. Written with full developer input, this guide covers every aspect of Zoo Tycoon 2 so that you can become the ultimate tycoon.
* Inside info on how to keep 30 animals species and several kinds of guests ecstatic
* Practical advice on zoo layout and exhibit design
* Comprehensive walkthroughs for campaign scenarios with insider advice from the game's developers
* Tips and tricks for winning photo challenge games
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting to Know the New Tycoon.

Chapter 2 How to become rich and famous.

Chapter 3 Making people happy.

Chapter 4 caring for animals.

Chapter 5 The animals within.

Chapter 6 Freeform and challenge games.

Chapter 7 Campaign games.

Appendix A Animal, Biome Object, and Biome Compatibility Data.

Appendix B Buildings, Structures, and Objects by Fame.

Appendix C Challenges.

Appendix D: Developer Tips.

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Author Information

Michael Rymaszewksi has written over a dozen strategy guides, including official guides for Zoo Tycoon, Rise of Nations, and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulators 2 and 3.
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