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.NET Development Security Solutions

ISBN: 978-0-7821-5182-4
472 pages
February 2006
.NET Development Security Solutions (0782151825) cover image


The .NET Framework offers new, more effective ways to secure your Web and LAN-based applications. .NET Development Security Solutions uses detailed, code-intensive examples—lots of them—to teach you the right techniques for most scenarios you're likely to encounter. This is not an introduction to security; it's an advanced cookbook that shows experienced programmers how to meet tough security challenges:
  • Recognize and avoid dangerous traps—including holes in .NET
  • Work fluently with both role-based and code access security
  • Maximize the security advantages of policies and code groups
  • Promote security using Active Directory
  • Secure data with .NET cryptographic techniques
  • Meet the toughest LAN security requirements
  • Tackle special security issues associated with Web and wireless applications
  • Implement Win32 API security in managed applications

Uniting this instruction is a coherent, cohesive mindset that will help you take the human factor into account at every step. You'll become technically proficient with all the tools at your disposal—and, at the same time, you'll learn to make your solutions more powerful by crafting them in ways that dovetail with users' needs—and foibles—and anticipate cracker exploits.

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Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Part I Introduction to .NET Security

Chapter 1 Understanding .NET Security 3

Chapter 2 .NET Framework Security Overview 23

Chapter 3 Avoiding Common Errors and Traps 51

Part II Desktop and LAN Security

Chapter 4 .NET Role-Based Security Techniques 69

Chapter 5 Policies and Code Groups in Detail 107

Chapter 6 Validation and Verification Issues 147

Chapter 7 .NET Cryptographic Techniques 171

Chapter 8 LAN Security Requirements 203

Part III Web-based Security

Chapter 9 Web Server Security 233

Chapter 10 Web Data Security 263

Chapter 11 Securing XML and Web Services 299

Part IV Other Security Topics

Chapter 12 Active Directory security 337

Chapter 13 Wireless Device Security 363

Chapter 14 Win32 API Overview 389

Chapter 15 Win32 API Advanced Techniques 413

Glossary 439

Index 455

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Author Information

John Mueller is a freelance author and technical editor. He has produced 55 books and over 200 articles on topics ranging from networking to database management to programming. His most recent books are Visual C# .NET Developer's Handbook and .NET Framework Solutions: In Search of the Lost Win32 API from Sybex. He's written articles for SQL Server Professional, Visual C++ Developer, and Visual Basic Developer magazines and he's editor of the .NET electronic newsletter for Pinnacle Publishing.
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