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TCP/IP JumpStart: Internet Protocol Basics, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7821-5228-9
336 pages
February 2006
TCP/IP JumpStart: Internet Protocol Basics, 2nd Edition (0782152287) cover image
TCP/IP is the de facto protocol of the Internet, and this protocol is supported by every major network operating system. As more organizations and individuals connect networks and computers to the Internet and one another, there is a growing demand for professionals to have a thorough understanding of this protocol suite. TCP/IP JumpStart Second Edition will explain the fundamentals of TCP/IP in simple terms with tangible examples. New for this edition: updates on Windows XP/2000, Dynamic DNS, CIDR, and subnetting.
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Chapter 1: The Origin of TCP/IP and the Internet.

Chapter 2: Protocols.

Chapter 3: The Network Interface and Internet Layers.

Chapter 4: The Transport Layer.

Chapter 5: The Application Layer.

Chapter 6: IP Addressing.

Chapter 7: Addressing IP Hosts.

Chapter 8: Introduction to Subnet Masks.

Chapter 9: Using Custom Subnet Masks.

Chapter 10: Supernetting and CIDR.

Chapter 11: Name Resolution.

Chapter 12: Domain Name System (DNS).

Chapter 13: Dynamic DNS.

Chapter 14: Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS).

Chapter 15: IP Version 6.

Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions.

Appendix B: Glossary.

Appendix C: Acronym Expansion Guide.

Appendix D: What¿s on the Web Site.


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Andrew Blank is an experienced trainer and author who has taught Microsoft's 5-day TCP/IP course a dozen times. He has also taught TCP/IP in Novell courses. He also has a slew of certifications, including MCSE+I, MCT, MCNI, MCNE, etc. Andy presently works as an insturctor for Microskills, where he is responsible for setting up, preparing, and teaching Microsoft and Novell certified training.
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