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Enneagram Personality Portraits, Enhancing Team Performance Card Deck - Perfecters (set of 9 cards)

ISBN: 978-0-7879-0890-4
9 pages
February 1997, Pfeiffer
Enneagram Personality Portraits, Enhancing Team Performance Card Deck - Perfecters (set of 9 cards) (0787908908) cover image


Improve team performance with the power of the Enneagram!

This program will help you apply the power of the Enneagram in a team environment. Using results from the Inventory and Profile, you can draw a clear picture of various team member personalities and reveal the dynamics of the team.

Using Enneagram personality styles, this program will help your teams understand how to:

* Relate effectively with other team members
* Work more easily and productively
* Meet and exceed team goals
* Recognize and use special talents of its members appropriately . . . and more!

The result will be a more cohesive and productive group that gives priority to the team over individual preferences. Be sure to give each participant a set of reminder cards to use as a daily and spur-of-the-moment reminder of behaviors as they work with their team.
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Table of Contents

Notes to the Trainer.

Module 1. The Enneagram and Personality Types.

Module 2. Team Analysis and Understanding.

Module 3. Leadership Styles.

Module 4. Team Focus.

Module 5. Interpersonal Styles.

Module 6. Approach and Avoidance Behaviors.

Module 7. Team Problem Solving.

Module 8. Action Planning.

Introduction: What is the Enneagram?

Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of Other Team Members.

A Participative Leadership/Management Style.

Enneagram Leadership Styles:

Ones: the Stablizers.

Twos: the Supporters.

Threes: the Motivators.

Fours: the Individualists.

Fives: the Systemizers.

Sixes: the Teamsters.

Sevens: the Cheerleaders.

Eights: the Directors.

Nines: the Reconcilers.

Commitment to the Goals of the Team.

Team Focus.

Relating Effectively with Other Team Members.

Interpersonal Styles:

Ones: Perfecters.

Twos: Carers.

Threes: Achievers.

Fours: Creators.

Fives: Observers.

Sixes: Groupists.

Sevens: Cheeres.

Eights: Challengers.

Nines: Accepters.

Approach and Avoidance Behaviors.


Creative Production Results.

Creative Team Problem Solving.


Taking Action.
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Author Information

PATRICK J. ASPELL, Ph.D., is a consultant in private practice with his wife Dee Dee in San Antonio, Texas. Patrick earned his doctorate in Psychology from United States International University and his doctorate in Philosophy and S.T.L. in Theology from Catholic University of America. DEE DEE ASPELL, M.A., is a consultant in private practice with her husband Patrick in San Antonio, Texas. Dee Dee earned her master's degree in Clinical Psychology from St. Mary's University.
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