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Games That Teach: Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Training

ISBN: 978-0-7879-4018-8
192 pages
May 1998, Pfeiffer
Games That Teach: Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Training  (0787940186) cover image


Games are your answer!

They don't want to hear you lecture. They don't want to read an instruction guide. So how can you tell them what they need to know? You want bright smiles, not bored sighs. You want them to have fun, but you want them to learn as well. GAMES are your answer!

Games aren't just for kids. Games can help people learn business ideas: games can teach. Steve Sugar's adaptable designs put an end to tired, scripted business games. Sometimes you have a lot of games, but none of them ever seems to suit the occasion. Sometimes games suit the occasion, but are so rigid that the participants are bored before they've scarcely even begun. With Sugar's help, your games will always be both fitting and new. These aren't your average games. They're frame games, game shells to which you can add your own unique content.

With this simple book, you'll quickly create perfect games for every setting!

In this book you'll get:

  • An abundance of uniq ue and playful games. These content-reinforcing designs will increase the smile quotient of even the most hard-to-please audience.
  • A handy selection matrix. This tool helps you choose the games that suit your specific training needs.
  • A simple seven-step game implementation model. This plan shows you how to customize these designs for your own use.

As a student, Sugar used games to remember his schoolwork; as a teacher, he used games to energize dull lessons; as a trainer, he uses games to excite learners and accelerate learning. And now he offers you this invaluable treasury of his fluid game designs. Bring a bounty of frame game fun to your next training session or presentation!

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Confessions of a Games Writer
Part 2: 26 Frame Games
Part 3: Index
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Author Information

STEVE SUGAR, whom game legAnd Thiagi has called "one of the best game designers in the training business," is the president of The Game Group, a consulting firm. Sugar, an editor and contributor on several American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) INFO-LINE publications, has created three game systems that are used across the world. He speaks at all of the major training conferences, and has been interviewed in Training magazine.
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